14 November 2010

steppin' out to church

sweater dress: Macy's
leggings: target
boots: sketchers store

dress shirt: Brooke's Brothers
pants: Brooke's Brothers
tie: a gift from germany (somewhere!)
shoes (unshown): nordstrom rack

dress shirt onsie: Carters outlet
beige cords: Old Navy
shoes: Target

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Jess Craig said...

whoa, you guys looked great.

Stephanie Thigpen said...

Can I have your boots? Please, oh, please!

Nikki said...

I didn't know they sold bare baby feet at Target! :) Cute dress and boots, love it!

Jess said...

Bet you were the cutest family at church!

melissa d. said...

whoa-mandy you look so gorgeous! i love your outfit :)

uwmomma said...

I love your sweater dress.....so cozy and fashionable! What a great looking family!

Zwickl Family said...

Love the whole ensemble! Good looking family, that's for sure!

AmyLee said...

love it! bennet looks so big :)

Kymmie said...

Just popped over from Mandy's SOS and thought I'd say hi. Your blog is so pretty and your little man Bennett is a SPUNK! You're welcome to visit my place anytime too :-)

Kate Rowan said...

You have the most darling baby.
Stopping by from Mingle Monday!

Anonymous said...

how cute!

Amber said...


I just love the cords!! I almost bought Bennett a pair yesterday at Osh Kosh, but it is still 80+ degrees here, so I didn't think he would appreciate that.

Oh, how I miss Kentucky!!!