14 December 2010

Christmas with the blog babies: Gift Exchange!

{ from left to right, top row }

{ from left to right, bottom row }

Some of us in the Blogosphere decided to do a Christmas gift exchange with the babes! Epic!

Shawntae is actually the one that came up with the idea... and an amazing idea it was! Thank you so much girl! I love ya!

So after all of the babes "drew names"... it was off to find the perfect gift.

Corbin drew Bennett's name in the swap. Yippy!
And Bennett got to buy for Wyatt! We were super excited about that!

And we are actually lucky enough to live close to Jill and Corbin so they were able to just bring his gift over in person when they came up for our baby bloggy play-date! It was pretty much awesome.

 Check out this adorable card Corbin made for Bennett *love it*

AND the video of Bennett opening his gift!
{a big thank you to Amy, for taking this video for us! BUT please ignore my annoying voice and the last shot up my nostrils! ha ha}

So in case you missed it, he got a cute snowman onsie, made by Jill. Also a mega-blocks truck, and the cutest "B" Christmas ornament (also handmade by Jill) 

Thank you thank you thank you! :)
Bennett LOVES his mega block truck!!
{love this ornament! it's perfect}
To see more from the swap, click on the links!


Lauren said...

That is so so cute! The card is just awesome, what a great idea. Love the pictures, love you guys!

ohboy said...

OMG that onesie is adorable!! I might have to try to make one for Drake now!

melissa d. said...

that card is adorbs!

um, i'm not gonna lie bennett--i was really hoping for a truck for christmas too. i am a little jealous.

Nikki said...

I love this idea! I need a bloggy baby now I think. That snowman onsie is adorable! Tell her to start an Etsy shop!

Shawntae said...

that card warms my heart!!

I love his gifts he got. That onesie is soo cute and i bet he loved those blocks. Kingston will be over in 5 minutes to play with him.

love ya guys

Nikki said...

Ok, first of all, I'm kind of jealous I don't live in northwest or have a baby so I can be in the cool baby friend bloggy group too. That being said, I am totally in love with the snowman onesie!!!! That is so cute!!!!!!!!! Everything is so cute, but I'm really in love with the onesie!

Karli said...

Oh this is fantastic! How fun! Isn't it cool how many amazing moms are in the blogosphere. I like some of them better than my real friends - LOL! Just kidding. (Sort of). LOVE these new pics of your cutie!! :-)

I know I've said it a million times, but your processing is heavenly!

jill said...

yay! i love that wyatt liked his gift! it was so much fun picking everything out! and for anyone who cares the snowman onesie was just an iron-on kit i bought off etsy!

AmyLee said...

haha, i hate that i said a few things in that video... i sound like such a nerd on camera. very teenage boy like. and the last shot up your nostrils made me laugh out loud. MY BAD.

that being said, super cute presents. i love that picture of b-roy in his snowman onsie! this was so much fun :)

Amber said...

What a fun idea!! The onesie is adorable. And how cool that you all live close enough to visit one another.

The Best of Both Worlds said...

This is such a great idea! Your little boy is so adorable! & I love the pictures!

jill said...

how hilarious of me to say that i love that WYATT liked his gift. omg, i meant BENNETT! but i am glad that cute hat you picked out for wyatt was super cute too! ::palm to forehead::

Terry Family said...

I love all of your photos and that onesie is the best:) She could sell those!

Anonymous said...

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