03 December 2010

flashback friday: honeymoon

I've just been thinking about it lately and thought I'd post a few pictures from our honeymoon (July, 2007)! *please bare in mind, i did absolutely no editing to these... so i apologize ahead of time!

We decided to keep it simple and go to Canada for our honeymoon!

We went to Victoria which was absolutely gorgeous and we had perfect weather. And then up to Whistler, and it was like 100+ degrees in Whistler, SO hot outside... but honestly-- we had a blast anyway!

OH, and I was super blonde!!! Eek. Sometimes I miss my blonde hair!

{ Victoria, BC }
{ Butchart Gardens, Victoria, BC }
{ smooches }
{ Horse & carriage ride. I think the horse scared me or something! }
{Whister, Canada. Eating breakfast at a cute little crepe shop }
{ about to go zip-lining on Blackcomb Mountain in Whistler -- see... I was crazy blonde, huh? }
{ right outside our hotel room. Whistler, Canada }


The Bonjour Four said...

you guys are absolutely adorable! I love all your pictures. you look so happy!

Anonymous said...

You guys are just too cute! :) You look very, very happy! So sweet!

Brooke said...

oh my goodness, you're so pretty! I love these photos it looks like you had a fantastic time!

Nikki said...

I love the horse one! I like your hair blonde too, you could go either way!

Jess said...

Aw! Looks like you guys had such a great time- you had that newlywed glow :)

Jeska said...

You'll are too cute! I love the first picture, so pretty.

Ashley Sisk said...

Oh my goodness - you guys are so cute! And look how blonde you are!

Christopher And Tia said...

Cute honeymoon pictures!! You look like a bad ass in your zip lining harness, haha.

Amber said...

Oh, I would love, love, love to ski Whistler!!!
It is fun to think back to our honeymoon. Thanks for helping me take a walk down memory lane.

BTW, I think you look great as a brunette!!

Fresh Mommy said...

You both are so adorable... I look back on some of my old pics and miss the blonde hair too! Haha, I guess we all go through stages, but I love these pics, unedited and all! :)


Jill said...

You and your huz are gorgeous! No wonder you have such an adorable baby!

Thank you for the sweet comment on a little kind a i :)

Buckeroomama said...

You guys look so sweet together!

Blonde or brunette, I think you look great! =)

Jess Craig said...

wow mandy! you guys look so young and in love! it's really sweet.

AmyLee said...

we love victoria too! and we went to vancouver bc for our honeymoon. yay for canadian honeymoons :)

you guys are so so so cute. how funny to look back at the pre-baby days. so carefree & easygoing, right? fun flashback. your blonde hair is so cute, & i miss my blonde hair too.

Shawntae said...

wow you look soo young! I love your hair that blonde. You can tell you and your hubs are soo in love!!