21 December 2010

the things you should know!

Little Miss Momma is hosting a fun little link-up called "Things you should know about me if we're going to be BFF" Cute and fun, right? :)

So here it goes:

The obvious stuff:
  • I love my husband and my family!
  • I'm obsessed with my son, photography, and blogging.
  • I am faithful.
    Okay, now to the weird other stuff:
    • I don't share any dairy products whatsoever. (i.e milkshakes, yogart, ice cream, milk...etc)
    • I hate melted cheese, gag me! This kinda sucks cause pretty much everything has melted cheese, right? Pizza, enchiladas, nachos, lasagna,...etc. I've tried to get over it but I just can't. 
    • I always get nachos at movies and baseball games (nacho cheese is not the same as melted cheese!)
    • My husband eats those nasty orange circus peanuts like they're going out of style!
    • I love to drink coca-cola, (regular, not the diet stuff) I drink one a day. Okay fine, sometimes two! Sue me! ;-)
    • I have 7 coach bags. Eeek! But I've kicked that habit. I will not be adding to that collection for a long, long time!
    • I have to have a new car every 2-3 years.
    • I wear my PJ's all day, pretty much every day. 
    • I don't like cats very much.
    • I don't gamble much but I've been to Vegas 6 times.
    • I don't drink, at all.
    • I love to play nerdy computer/xbox games like The Sims and Mortal Combat
    • I have never waxed anything in my life.
    • I used to have my tongue pierced. Don't judge me, I was young and dumb. Ha ha.
    • I have never broken any bones or had any surgeries. 
    • I am a loyal watcher of The Bachelor, but that is the ONLY "trashy" reality show I will watch.
    • I danced for 18+ years of my life. I grew up in the studio and I loved every moment of it!
    • I have had 4 serious relationships, and too many silly little ones to count. 
    • I don't believe in luck but I do believe that there is a divine purpose for everything that happens.
    • I didn't care for high school much.
    • I prefer salty snacks over sweet treats.
    • I am a very aggressive driver. I have been known to have some mad road rage.
    • Sometimes I forget to flush the toilet after I pee.
    • I sleep with a really soft blanky and fan must be on at night.
    • I love action movies, the more action the better!
    • I don't read novels but I love reading fact-based, educational material.
    • I really didn't like being pregnant, but I'd do it again in a heartbeat!
    • I genuinely like almost everybody!
    • I love making new friends!
    Okay- now that you know all that, wanna be friends? :)


      [ker-AND-uh] said...

      This is cute! I wanna join in!!

      Jeska said...

      fun! i like your statement "i don't like cats very much" haha. I danced for about ten years- like every single class that was available plus solos and duets. My mom taught there too. I loved it, and I miss it.

      Summer said...

      Nice list. :) I'm noticing that a lot of us aren't cat people. Ha!

      Karly said...

      I wanna be your friend. =) And I won't judge you for having a pierced tongue once, because I had that too, and many, many others!

      Ashley said...

      HaHA! I love the Sims, too. Although since my baby came along, I've had to say goodbye to my dorky computer game fun. :)

      The Bonjour Four said...

      love your list! what a fun link up. Okay, so no dairy products?? how...? haha no wonder your tiny! :)

      I also LOVE coach. I have two bags but could definitely add a few more to my collection. I should use them more in fact.

      Hey, I wear my pj's too! like alot! haha

      I have a link up party going on right now too. Maybe you'd like to join in the fun???

      hope you guys have a fabulous christmas!

      Kiara Buechler said...

      Yes I want to be friends! We have too much in common not to be!

      Klove said...

      For sure, I want to be your friend, but you'll have to suffer through me eating pizza right in front of you...that's okay though because we can watch action movies together and quiz each other on the educational materials we just read. Ha ha...

      Shawntae said...

      I didn't know you danced!! I did ballet and forever!

      If you lived close we could play in our pjs all day long.

      I love all these things about you! This post is soo fun. I had to join in too.

      Love ya girl!

      Nikki said...

      I firmly believe it is better for you to drink two regular cokes than even one diet!

      I miss the studio...do you?

      Chelsey - The Paper Mama said...

      Ok, the only thing I can't handle: you don't like melted cheese? OMG. I LOVE melted cheese! LOVE it! Anything cheese. ESPECIALLY melted. :D And, jammies.

      Amie said...

      I prefer salty over sweet too! We could totally be friend (as long as we don't ever talk about cats).

      Amie @ http://kittycatsandairplanes.blogspot.com

      ADSchill said...

      I think I knew all those things. We are already BFF's!
      I may just pass this along to my blog!

      AmyLee said...

      oh my gosh, there were TOO many for me to remember to hit all the ones i loved... because it was pretty much all of them. you don't like melted cheese??? what?
      and i laughed at "i genuinely like ALMOST everybody". haha.

      Ashley @ Little Miss Momma said...

      First off, your blog is adorable and beautiful and all the photography I have seen so far is amazing! And your baby, oh man, sooooo cute!

      Love you list and could totally relate to so much of what you wrote!


      Jen said...

      Your little list is so cute. Weird thing about it? I fall into about 8 of your categories. Salty snacks, high school, aggressive driver, fan while sleeping, cats, preggo... I just found it to be a silly coincidence. I'll be makin' a list tomorrow.. look out for it :)

      Coffee Break Mama said...

      What a fun link up! I'm planning a trip to Vegas in a year, I might have to get your advice on where to go and what to do!
      Merry Christmas :)

      Our Crazily-Random Life said...

      Thanks for the cute idea! I am one of your newest followers. And I too have a bit of road rage. It gets the best of us!

      Alexis said...

      It's always fun to learn things about people you may not otherwise get to know haha. Thanks for sharing :)

      Sarah Louise said...

      Such a cute and fun idea! I enjoyed learning about you! Mine will be posted later today! And I just love that photo of you and Bennett!

      WeeMasonMan's Mom said...

      I love this post!

      I love the Sims, spending an obscene amount of time (say, all weekend and as soon as I get home from work?!) amount of time in my pajamas, and have the fan and certain blanket thing going for bedtime as well!!

      Lindsi said...

      Great minds really DO think alike! He, he! FRIEND!

      Jhen.Stark said...

      Love This! Love Getting to know you more! And I'm becoming a bigger and bigger fan of you each day!!!

      Anne U said...

      Definitely keeping it real, love it! I sometimes forget to flush the toilet too, thought I was the only weird one out there!

      Chism Classics said...

      I related to so many things on your list! What a cute blog you have got and an even cuter baby boy!


      Anonymous said...

      Nice to meet you!
      I'd take a few of those Coach bags ;)!

      I also live in WA (Olympia). Whereabouts are you?

      Lindsay said...

      This is so cute!!!
      I am the same way with the toilet flushing ahah!

      Marlana Yee said...

      I love all the weird stuff!!! Its also not weird. Why try to fit in when you can stand out!

      MichelleC95 said...

      I love your list and could relate to so many! Salty snacks, high school, The Bachelor...to name a few.

      New follower coming across your fun blog! :)

      Jennifer Marcum said...

      This is adorable! We are kindred spirits...except I'm a Pepsi fan, sorry I'm not sorry.
      Your blog is super cute! I look forward to reading future posts!