01 January 2011

Memories, Dreams and Reflections

1. Me!
2. I Love You
I love these boys more than anything in the entire world!! 
3. Still Laughing.
Bath time ALWAYS makes me laugh. It's so much fun. 
4. Winter Wonderland.
5. Birthday.
Welcome to the world Bennett Roy 01/26/2010! The day Bennett was born, was the best day of my entire life!! 
6. Friends.
I have met some AMAZING friends through my blog!! So thankful for them!
7. I Was Inspired.
I have been working a little more with textures. I don't like to over-do it. But it's really fun, and this was the photo that inspired me to do it! 
8. Spring Fever.
Love love love these little pink blossoms, and springtime! 
9. Vacation.
This was our first family vacation. We took a 14 hour drive to Blackfoot, Idaho. My Husband's is from there. Bennett was 5 months when we took him to meet many of his Aunts, Uncles and Cousins! This is a photo I took on one of our MANY rest stops on the way home. That was a long drive!
10. Summer Days.
Summer was so much fun! I loved those warm days when B and I could just play in the park. Nakey babies with just their diapers on is the best.
11. A Day In My Life.
Target. Enough said. :)
12. All Smiles.
The best smile in the world. Hands down. I {heart} him!
13. Autumn Harvest.
Me and my awesome Husband posing for a photo. Love the leaves and all of the beautiful colors in this shot!
14. Family.
This is my side of the family. My sister, Alissa. My Mom, Sylvia. And of course me and Bennett. AND my puppy. And my sisters puppy. Whew. I have a great family.
15. Celebrate!
Went to lots of baby showers in 2010! This was just one of them!
16. Let's Do It Again.
I had so much fun in the snow with B. Too bad we don't get much snow here in Seattle. Darn it. But I still have hopes that 2011 will bring more snow to play in!
17. I Miss You.
Took this picture on New Years Eve 2010.  I will miss 2010 a lot. So many fun times, and amazing moments. Here's to you '10! 
18. Beautiful.
Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful things. This is one of my best friends, Lindsay. She's expecting her baby to arrive this month!! (Jan 2011)! I'm beyond excited for her. This was a shot from her maternity shoot we did. 
19. Dress Up.
My little lion in his Halloween costume. Pretty stinkin' cute, right?!
20. Macro.
Okay so this isn't so much a macro. I didn't have much in the way of macro photos to share! So this is what ya get! 
21. Holidays.
First Christmas with my little guy!!! Loved every second of it! 
22. My Favorite / 23. Don't Ever Change
I'm posting this photo for two categories. And I know you've seen this photo 100 times, but this little innocent face is what keeps me going sometimes. Babies have this amazing ability to make anyone smile. I'm having such a hard time letting go of my "baby"!! He will be ONE years old in a few weeks!!
24. Just Because... So There!
Random, right? Thought I'd better throw something in here besides pictures of my kid and flowers. He he. This is some home-made salsa that Hubby and I made. SO AMAZINGLY GOOD! Pico de gallo is one of my favorite snacks.
25. Hopes and Dreams
I am so hopeful for 2011! Lots of wonderful things to come.. I can feel it!! :) Happy New Year Everyone!!


SarahinSC said...

Seriously, your little guy is just a doll! What a total cutie! I agree with you that the best day EVER was the day the baby (or in my case babies) was born. Happy new year!

Kiara Buechler said...

All such great photos. I love the one of Philip and Bennett from NYE. Oh, and that pico looks amazing! Yummmm.

Coffee Break Mama said...

Great collection of photos - love that one of you in the hospital with Bennett the day he was born. Those take your breath away moments are the ones worth living for :) Happy New Year to you and your family!

- Jessi - said...

gorgeous photos! looked like a great year

Heather said...

I love your blog! :) Thanks for sharing!


Katelyn McKay said...

Those are amazing! I love 'em all.

How are Bennet's eyes so breathtaking-ly beautiful?
Are they natural or edited a bunch?

Happy new year, and AMAZING job on the photo's. You're truly incredible. =D

Ashley Sisk said...

I seriously loved every minute Mandy...you are just amazing and these photos prove it. I hope I have a child as cute as Bennett one day!

Anonymous said...

Oh gosh! These are all gorgeous. I love the last one. I can't wait to see what you accomplish in 2011.

Natalie said...

How did I know your photos would be wonderful! I love your "Me" and all your flower ones...gorgeous. Spring fever most especially spring fever!!

Branson said...

Beautiful post, beautiful photos!

Klove said...

You are blessed with such an amazing talent. You make everything around you look beautiful. All the photos are wonderful, but the last one is perfect. Thanks for sharing. XOXO

Ashley said...

You have a way of making everything look so bright, I love it. Each pic is amazing! Happy New Year!

Lisa said...

Great photos! Your "A Day in My Life Photo" could be mine . . . my husband makes fun of how often I'm at Target. :) That's a lovely shot of you and your husband on number 13, and your salsa looks yummy!

Michelle said...

Perfect photo's :) I love Summer and Spring and Birthday, gorgeous :)

Stephanie Thigpen said...

Bennett's eyes are always so WHAZAM! I love it.

Tezzie said...

Just. Wow. You're amazingly talented, and your little guy is so sweet! (for the record, "Spring Fever" and "Hopes and Dreams" are BREATHTAKING!!) Happy New Year!

Buckeroomama said...

Oh, Mandy, these are all seriously sweet and beautiful! I love all the shots of Bennett. He is such an adorable little guy and such a happy one, too. :) And your Spring Fever one is just stunning.

Looking forward to seeing more of your wonderful photos in 2011!

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

beautiful photos. Your little guy is too stinking cute. My favorite is the lion shot.

Anika said...

Such great shots of the year!! You and your baby have the same eyes...so blue! Looks like an eventful 2010...happy new year!

Kristy said...

Beautiful Fairytale of 2010!

Deb said...

Beautiful photos and what an adorable little guy! I love the salsa pic and the lion costume!

Shannon said...

You look like you had a great year. I love the salsa photo, but I'm a sucker for food shots. Hope you have a great New Year!

Brooke said...

I could NOT just pick one I liked!! They are all so cute especially the ones of him and his dad!

Eboix said...

Your little boy is too cute - great photos!!

justine said...

wow these are great, your little boy is so cute!

Becki said...

Beautiful shots, especially that last one!


love this! fantastic reflections


love this! fantastic reflections

Carolyn said...

Beautiful photos! Hope you guys had a great New Years Eve!!

Seizing My Day said...

Your little man has the most beautiful eyes!! =) I am enjoying this linky so much... it was fun to comb through a year of pictures!! =) I love the bath picture the most... laughing babies are wonderful!!

Mom to 9 Blessings! said...

Mandy - this was so full of great shots I can't pick a favorite!

Blessings - Jill

Amber said...

Girl, I am totally with you and TARGET!!

I always love your photos. Bennett is so stinkin' cute which never hurts.

I love your self portrait and the pic of you and your husband. It is always nice to see the photographer in some photos.

Nikki said...

What a fun way to share! Beautiful photos, all of them.

Happy New Year!

Michelle said...

These are all adorable! Thanks for sharing a bit of your memories with us!

Alita said...

Uh-wow! Love these chica. So many wonderful memories and photographs.

Happy New year!


Carolyn Haines said...

Beautiful images. The ruffled tulip shot is amazing.

Amy said...

Looks like you had a fantastic year!

Jessie said...

Your son is so cute :) I also loved your New Year's Eve shot. What an exciting year for you!

Karli said...

I don't even know how to comment on these pictures! Every one is a masterpiece; just stunning, beautiful works of art! I'm so impressed! The new year's eve picture...the most precious thing I've ever seen. The lighting is divine!

And I'm still dying to do a Target shoot, but I'm too scared to take in my camera! I'm shy like that...I'm afraid someone will tell me I can't take pictures in the store, and then I'll be all embarassed - ahh! :-)

Tara said...

These are so gorgeous, loved reading all of them!

Allie said...

Love all of your pictures! They are wonderful!

Faith said...

SO so beautiful!!! :)

kriznizzel said...

So many great things. Sweet post.