23 February 2011

Photgraphy Q & A

I was getting a TON of questions about photography in my Ask Me Anything post! I started thinking, maybe I'll make that a separate post all together. So with that said, I will open up a new "ask me anything" post, only this will be strictly photography related. 
{and i'll incorporate the photography questions I got in my last post}

I am by no means an expert at Photoshop, or photography for that matter. I am still learning just as we all are. But I do often get questions about my techniques and processes. And I'm definitely always willing to share... so I thought this would be a good way to extend my knowledge.

Please keep in mind that that I use a Canon 7D and my lens of choice is the 50mm f/1.4 - so a lot of my responses in regards to camera settings will be based on the equipment that I use.

Leave a comment here and I do my best to answer all of your questions next week. Also, feel free to pass this along to others who might have questions as well!


April Westerhold said...

Thanks for doing this!
#1 Did you take any photography classes?
#2 When learning to shoot, did you start out in Manual and just go for it or did you go through Aperature and Shutter modes first?

Nikki said...

I have a question about your processing to add photos to your blog. Do you upload them all to photoshop and save them to the web? Or do you double save them on your hard drive too? Does this make sense?


yay! fun.

1) what has helped you with composition

2)any tips on working with the 2 yr old age range

3)do you use lightroom and/or ACR and if so, how did you learn it? books? class? online tutorials?

thx for doing this

Kelly said...

What a great idea! I had actually asked these questions at the end of my most recent post and didn't get any answers so hopefully you can help!
~ Do you use any filters on your lens? I have a Canon 60D and shoot mainly with a 50mm f/1.8 and was told that was the first thing I HAD to have!
~ What settings do you normally shoot on outside?
~ How do I ensure my pictures are the right color and not over exposed when shooting outside in full sun?

PamJ said...

Great idea :)
Just curious if you think a point and shoot can still be utilized for taking awesome pictures?!? This is all I have for now and will not be able to upgrade for a while & I keep playing & trying to be as creative as possible with it. I have a Canon PowerShot SD880 IS Digital Elph...

doreen said...

I just love your photo's. How nice it would be if you lived close by:)

H and M B said...

I love this! I am just starting to get into photography and you have been one of my biggest inspirations! your pictures of Bennet are excellent, so breath taking.

*How did you get started in photography?
*Any beginner tips I can use?
*what programs do you use to edit photos
*how did you begin and if you read any books what books on photography would you recommend?

Diana Smith said...

Do you use any lighting kits or do you try and use natural light or your settings on your camera or in photoshop?? sorry if that didn't make sense!

The Smith Circle

AmyLee said...

wow, i just can't wait for your answers post!

here's my question:
will you teach me everything you know?? ha.

how about...
-do you always shoot in manual?
-what aperture do you usually shoot in?
-any "rules of thumb"? (like, a certain ISO you never go over, a trick for relating shutter speed to ISO to aperture? stuff like that)

i still want to come shoot around with you!

The Bonjour Four said...

yay!! so can't wait for this!

Kari said...

All the a ove. Can't wait to read the answers.