20 March 2011

Steppin' out to Stella's 1st Bday!

What I was wearing
Layering Tee: Downeast Basics
Lace shirt, Jeans & Shoes: Target (of course!!)
What Bennett was wearing
Onsie: Carters
Shirt: Gift, not sure where form!
Jeans & shoes: Target

Now onto the party!! We were so excited when we got an invitation for Stella's 1st Birthday Party! (Melissa & Stella from Hi, Baby)

Can't believe Stella is 1 year old already! I started follwing Hi, Baby when Stella was only a couple of months old! Shortly thereafter, Melissa organized an epic blogger meet-up for PNW bloggers. From then on, we've continued to get together. {like this time, and this time
I love blogger, have I mentioned that? :)
Anyway, Stella had so many friends there to help celebrate, you might recognize Jill & Corbin (from The Chronicles of Corbin). She got lots of cool presents, and definitely seemed to enjoy her birthday cake! Thank you for inviting us Melissa & Stella!!
{ bennett was LOVING their toy room! }
{ all the babes }
{ bennett and corbin }
HAPPY BIRTHDAY STELLA! Thanks for having us! :)

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Jessica said...

Beautiful photos, like always!! :)


Anonymous said...

Aww! Great photos!

Brooke said...

oh my goodness look at all the babies! how fun :) and I love your top. I can't believe you found that at Target. I need to look around there more! ha

Anonymous said...

You're adorable! I have that same lace shirt! Great minds think alike ;)

Casey Martinez said...

What a great outfit and an awesome shot of you with bennett! The party looks fun:) lots of cute babies. Hehe

Joni said...

looks like a fun day. i get so jealous of all the fun birthday parties. most of our family lives so far away so parties just never happen for my kids. but we definitely have fun going to everyone else's parties. :)

Jeska said...

LOVE your outfit. Shirt and shoes are def. my style!

uwmomma said...

Yay! Yesterday was so fun :) You guys looked adorable, as usual! It was so nice to see you and Bennett again!

Rj and Jessie said...


Ashley said...

You both look so cute! Looks like a fun party too! XO

Kiara Buechler said...

I love that last photo, of Stella sort of coyly trying out the frosting.

Abby said...

i'm definitely a new follower and i absolutely love the pictures. it's awesome to meet new people especially through blogging.

arielle @ a beautiful journey. said...

aw cute pictures! :)

Nikki said...

Cute lace shirt, I might have to get that one. So nice the babies are all about the same age. It must've been a gettin' busy year ;)

The Best of Both Worlds said...

You two look great! Love the outfit! & I love target!

So nice to get together with other blog mommys!

Amber said...

So cool. I have a friend getting ready to move to Seattle in a few months. She doesn't know anyone there. Maybe, you could invite her to the bloggy get together. Here is her blog http://storybookreality.blogspot.com/

Laura is a lovely lady. She has a little boy not too far behind Bennett.