26 May 2011

16 months!

Benny Roy is 16 months old today!! I suck at the detailed monthly posts. I wish I could be like Amy & Shawntae in that regard ;-)

My little boo face is getting more awesome with each passing month. Here are just a few things about my 16 month old:

He's basically a little cuddle bug, he will just walk up to me and give hugs & kisses. He knows when it's naptime because he goes right over to his room and knocks on the door. He loves to "walk the dog" and he also loves to eat the dogs' food :)

Anytime he gets a chance, he tries to play with other older kids, and usually they're pretty receptive to him. He is ticklish on his upper thighs and feet and will giggle his booty off if you tickle him in those places. He LOVES to be scared... peek-a-poo is awesome to him, especially if you try extra hard to scare him. He loves hot dogs & cheese, and PB&J, and well he just loves to eat.

He's definitely an outdoorsy baby... doesn't matter how bad of a mood he is in, if we go outside, he instantly starts smiling. He's really not into playing with his toys, and he really doesn't have the attention span to get through a book, either. Ha ha. He's climbing all over everything, on the chairs, the couch, and the computer table. He is learning to test his boundaries a lot more... and it scares me, but on the other hand that's how they learn.

He will throw tantrums for the heck of it, but he's pretty easily distracted. And let me tell ya, this kid is ambitious. If he wants to do something, he will not give up until he accomplishes it.

Oh and here are some nicknames he's been known to answer to:
Benny Roy
Boo boo face

Love you Bennett!
just loungin'

{Linking up with Simplicity's photo challenge: Messy. Cause well, his hair is ALWAYS messy like this}


Courtney K. said...

That last photo is PRECIOUS!! He is so growny! :) I'm not the best at the month by month posts either. Oops.

Olivia Grace said...

His eyes are amazing, what a sweet little boy!!

Tiffany said...

he is just SO stinkin' cute! hey...the messy hair adds character :) I can't get Maddox's hair to look anything but messy these days!

Angie said...

happy 16 months bennett!!! i can't believe after all this time i finally get to meet you in a few days!

Southern Wifey said...

he is so adorably cute. and not like baby cute anymore (although he was that) but now toddler cute! He looks so grown up in these pics.

[sweet life of a southern wife]

AmyLee said...

Bennett!! Quit looking like you're 16! that last picture is the best ever. and i love that he goes & knocks on his door for naptime! what a sweetie he is :)

Bevin Albright said...

I love that last picture. He looks so chill.

[ker-AND-uh] said...

awww those cheeks! he's just so darn cute!!!

Joy said...

YAY!! little boy is growing up!! and a month older than B! haha i jsut realized we call her B too! but usually not to her face..

Tara said...

I love all his nicknames!

Amy said...

He is just getting cuter and cuter everyday. I love his eyes!

Anonymous said...

He looks so grown in that last shot! I just can't get enough of those eyes!

Anonymous said...

Awww. He is getting so big. :) Love that last photo.

Nikki said...

His hair is getting so long, and look at all those teeth! He's adorable, love his little personality.