20 September 2011

More on the PNW Blogger Meet-up

Remember my steppin' out post where I went to the PNW blogger meet up?

Well here is the post where I talk about it, and show you pictures. Unfortunately, I didn't take one single picture while I was there. OH MY gosh, I'm so lame. BUT luckily, there was a really great photographer there to capture the goodness.

First of all, let me make sure to acknowledge, Mandy, Chelsey & Melissa for putting this awesome event into motion. They did a really great job choosing the venue, gathering sponsors, organizing the prizes, getting the photographer and the photobooth.. everything. It was very well thought out and I'm so thankful for all of the work they put into it!

I carpooled with Chelsea and what she didn't know is that I pretty much get lost all of the time. So we had to take a few detours downtown before we got to the right place... but... we made it so that's all that counts. Ha ha.

Okay so the gathering was at Talaricos Pizzeria in Seattle, and what a cool place it was!! It had an awesome atmosphere and the service was wonderful. When we got there, there was already so many people, it was kinda overwhelming.. like "how in the world am i going to say hello to everyone"... ya know?

And it was hard to meet everyone, I think I only got around to chatting with about 1/2 of the people there... which makes me sad. BUT I am thankful for the friendships I made. There was lots of talk about blogging (duh!), all things babies, husbands, blogher, shopping... and LOTS of laughing.

There was also really good food. Salads, garlic bread, pizza, appetizers... it was all so good.

Oh and I mentioned a photobooth, it was freakin' cool. We took SO many pictures, unfortuntely I can't share them all with you... but here's a couple.

{all pictures below by: jessica may photo}

And here are a few candid's from the night:
Awesome prize table!
The ridiculously large pizzas:

AND AND AND... I totally won one of the sponsor prizes! A basket full of deliciously smelling scentsy products! LOVE. {donated by: Tracy Brennan} Yes, I was pretty excited. Some of the scents are: Baked Apple Pie, Coconut Lemongrass, Black Raspberry Vanilla...yum!

Here's a list of the bloggers that attended: (list taken from Mandy's blog)
moorea from moorea seal, leanne from rave and review, elizabeth from delightfully tacky,  mandy from a sorta fairytale, erika from rouge and whismsy, erika from bird e studios, heidi from me as a mother, martha from marthametzler.com,  meghan from chasing quinn, emily from peck life, autumn from playing house full time, chelsea from the curly cues, tracy from liberating working moms, mariah from a splendid endeavor, rachel from and then she snapped, alyssa from everydaymaven, rachell from no mark at all, lucy from lucille in the sky, jamie from what i did today, jackie and shari and samantha

So if you live in the PNW area, make sure you attend next time... mmm k???


Tara said...

That looks like so much fun!! What a great place and the photo both picture is amazing!!

Chelsey - The Paper Mama said...

I had so much fun!!!! Thank you for coming!!!

Anonymous said...

Fun! I was such a bum and no-showed :( Life was kind of eating me alive last week. Seeing all these pics is really making me kick myself even harder for not getting my butt over there on Saturday night!

Life with Kaishon said...

You guys are so much fun. I wish I could come to a meet up with you. LOVE the pictures : )

Anonymous said...

How fun. Looks like a great time.

Joni said...

you are awesome! love that first photobooth pic.

Olivia Grace said...

Looks like such an amazing time! And you are so pretty, absolutely glowing!

Lucy said...

Yay! Great to see you again. Remember: getting lost is never a waste of time :)

Heleen said...

I want to join! That looks like SO MUCH FUN!!! lol. Glad you had a great time...and the pictures are fab.

melissa rohr said...

i seriously can't get over how awesome every last photobooth photo turned out. i can't wait to start planning next years!

Love, Chelsea said...

Hahaha, I had so much fun. Thanks for driving, getting lost is always part of the adventure ;).

Jeanie Cullip said...

hi, I saw a few posts about the PNW bloggers meetup and wanted to let you know that I was interested in joining with you if you are to do this again!

I am located in Gig Harbor. I blog at Cup of Joe with Jeanie

a latte of blessings & giggles,