17 October 2011

A day in the life of Summer @ The Crosbie Crew

Welcome back to "A Day in the Life" series here at A Sorta Fairytale! Have you ever wondered what other people do all day? What are their routines & habits? How do they always look so put together?... or not? Ha ha. Well, each month I will have 1-2 of our fellow bloggers walk us through a day in their life.

Next up... Summer from The Crosbie Crew. She has two of the most adorable little boys EVAR! And, she has a great series going on right now called "Mama Makes - Halloween Edition" - make sure to stop by her blog and say hello!

Hey everyone!  My name is Summer and I blog over at the Crosbie Crew. I'm so excited to share a day in my life with you.  I live in Southern California with my wonderful husband Sean and our two boys, Hudson (3.5 years) and Parker (20 months). I'm a stay-at-home-mom but I also watch a one year old girl 3-4 days a week. 

Here is a pretty typical day:
I start the day at 6:15am.  Early right?  Well I have to take my shower, get dressed, make sure the downstairs is all clean and if I have time, I check my email and read blogs.  The little girl I watch, Baby C, shows up around 7:30am and most of the time my boys are up by then.

We watch a movie, play, learn, sing songs, build things, hang out on the patio and eat a snack until around 9:30am.  Most of the time it looks like a toy bomb went off in my house.

Everyday we go on a long walk.  I put the two littles in the double stroller and Hudson decides if he wants to walk or ride his bike.  We go around the neighborhood, walk to the park, head over to the pet store or we end up at Target.  Hudson loves to get a Slurpee there but that's only if he has earned it.

By the time we are all done its usually lunch time. I have three kids begging for food but I have a pretty good system down to get it to them fast.  Playing at the park makes them hungry and most days there is no struggle with what they will eat.  (I bow down to you moms of more than 2 kids!)

Then comes nap time. Sweet, sweet nap time or as I call it: mommy's break time. Although I usually clean up lunch or all the toys, it is my turn to eat and do what I want. I will do a craft, catch up on a show, twitter or just relax.  But of course it doesn't last long.  :)  My oldest hasn't been taking a nap lately.  No fun!

The little ones wake up and its snack time again.  We play and wait for Baby C to go home.  I usually get a small amount of time to just hang out with my boys then my husband arrives home around 5pm and the boys go crazy.  They get so excited when he comes home.

My husband and I try to switch off making dinner. Its just easier that way.  One thing that is really important to us is eating dinner together at the table with the TV off. That is something that we both grew up doing and will continue to do with our kids.  Dinner is usually followed by bath time because let's face it, boys are messy!

Most nights end with all of us on the couch watching something together until the boys' bedtime around 8:30pm.  After that my husband and I usually catch up on a certain show we watch together. I love that time we get together to reconnect.

I hope you enjoyed a little peek into our lives.  Life has been really busy so we enjoy these lazy days at home together. Feel free to stop by our blog and say hi.  Thanks Mandy for having us!


Anonymous said...

So sweet! I love seeing little glimpses into the lives of the bloggers I read :) And go you, taking the kids for a walk every day!! I'm terrible about that :s

the mom diggity said...

Such a fun life! Being a mom is just the BEST!! :)

Anonymous said...

Such a lovely peek into a cool mom's life :P Love the pictures..

Nikki said...

I would totally be on my best behavior if a slurpy was at stake! Cute kiddos!

Summer said...

Thanks ladies and thanks again for having me Mandy!

Michelle said...

She gets more done before 9:30 than I do all day haha!! Love the red nails :D

The Best of Both Worlds said...

I love reading about my day post! They are so much fun! I also love the pictures on your livingroom wall! That's an awesome idea!

Anonymous said...

I love this so much! Summer is so awesome.