27 November 2011

week in iphone pics w.17

It's been almost a month since I've posted my iphone pics. But if you follow me on instagram or twitter, I'm sure you've seen these! :-)

1. trying to figure out how to use the new washer/dryer

2. shopping at walmart. bennett is obsessed with the fish!

3. standing in line at safeway. it was a mad house.

4. my little monkey trying to climb up on the window ledge.

5. home-made soft taco. yummm!

6. being a happy boy. that's all.

7. bennett tried to move one of his toys into the tent.

8. put Christmas lights up in the kitchen. i like it.

9. he always lays this way in his crib. wish he would just flip around the long ways, he'd fit much better! ha ha.

10. thanksgiving dinner!!

11. he was completely zonked out after thanksgiving.

12. and so was i. sooo tired.

12. love his cute reflection.

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I want that soft taco.

SkippySays said...

What a cute little man you got there!

Ashley said...

My daughter lays the same way in her crib.  It looks like she might be a bit shorter than Bennett, so it isn't quite as bad, but her feet are either all crunched up or hanging out the side.

amy@agoodlife said...

whoa, your washing machine is intense!  and your thanksgiving plate looks pretty much perfect.  AND, bennett is as cute as ALWAYS!! :)

Tara said...


nicole reyes said...

totally have that washer - still working on how to properly run in... six months later.. bbahhaha 

my son is also obsessed with the fish at walmart {you know... if i shopped there, wink wink}

malanda said...

too much cuteness to comment on each picture lol! Love them all :) 

Nikki said...

I looked the same way after thanksgiving.  Too much food and fun!