26 December 2011

Christmas 2011

***Get ready for a enormous photo dump!!! ***

I wanted to try to fit everything into one post, but I still haven't uploaded some videos- those I will post later! I do, however have a bunch of photos for you so bear with me. :-)

Christmas was awesome!! We hosted Christmas Eve this year. We had my sister, brother-in-law, my mom, sister-in-law, brother-in-law, nieces, and brother-in-law's family over. Philip made gumbo from scratch... we totally love cajun food and he's always wanted to make it since it's was always tradition of his family's. It was a total success! Yum.

These are a mix of photos from Christmas Eve & Christmas Day. Both were amazing.

Some of the awesome gifts we got:

For the Kitchen: slow cooker, cookbooks, cast iron skillet, cast iron pot, brand new 14 piece set pots & pans, food scale. We've really been into cooking lately, so all of this stuff is amazing.

Bennett got: books, music, movies,  massive stuffed animals, some cute clothes, a tool set, puzzles, coloring books, race car track, and a toy story quad! He was pretty thrilled about everything!

Also, I got a entry way bench, a nice tripod for my SLR, comfy jammie pants, lots of gift certificates, a new duvet cover, scarves, candles... and all kinds of other sweet stuff.

Now onto 29302810 photos. :-)

{ bennett & uncle chad }

{ bennett and cousin alison }

{ uncle mike & bennett }

{my nieces amy & alison }

{bennett & his cousins }

{ My sister-in-law's home-made bread is absolutely delicious. I always look forward to it when she makes it! }

{On Mama: jeans- mimi maternity // red shirt & caridgan- target. On Bennett: jeans & navy blue polo- target // argyle sweater vest- the children's place! LINKING up with steppin' out satruday}

{ my sister alissa & her husband mike. and of course me, philip & bennett }

{ presents!! }

{ big huge awesome stuffed hippo for bennett, from grandma }

We had a wonderful weekend! There's nothing better than being surrounded by family. And of course, remembering the reason for it all - and that is my Savior's birthday. I'm very thankful for my faith & knowledge of the true meaning of Christmas. It really helps keep things in perspective.


Jess said...

Merry Christmas, Mandy! 

Your Christmas celebrations look great! =)I'm so thankful to know the real reason for the season, too. The gifts are nice, but they don't satisfy. Only Christ can do that. :)

Sylvia Cook said...

wow, you got this post up fast! All great pics, I really like that last one of you and B with hippo hanging on the couch!

Sarah Halstead said...

Great shots. Sounds like an awesome Christmas. 

Whitney said...

Been reading your blog for a while! Just thought i'd finally drop by and tell you i enjoy it and all your pictures! 

Emily said...

Such cute photos! Awesome that Bennett loved his gifts - Sky could have cared LESS!!! :)

Nikki said...

Spoiled!  The house looks great and looks like a wonderful Christmas.  I can totally see Bennett cruising around the neighborhood on his quad.  Too cute!

Karli said...

Friend, you are just too cute for words.  TOO CUTE!!  :-)  It's funny... before I got your comment I was trolling by your site and was trying to "examine" how you took your indoor shots.  They're wonderful!  I was thinking....surely she's using flash, but they don't look flashy.  Really really great pics... of course I LOVE the outside ones!!  Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas!  xoxo

Olivia said...

Gumbo?!!  A family after my own heart:)  Looks like a very Merry Christmas!  Such a beautiful family!

Branson said...

So many great photos! Looks like an awesome time!

amy@agoodlife said...

looks like it was a perfect day!!  and my stomach is now grumbling... it wants something tasty like gumbo!!  

Skye said...

WHat fabulous pictures of CHristmas! Isn't this the best time of year when you have a little one?! It's so exciting! I love the pictures from above too. Great angles! :) Happy Holidays! 

casey said...

I love all of the pictures capturing your Christmas time with family and I'm with you celebrating Jesus:).  B looks like he had a great time and your ever growing belly is so perfect:).  Happy New Year to you!