31 December 2011

Happy New Year!

Welp, we've had an interesting last few days. I came down with a really nasty stomach bug. Not sure if it was food poisoning or the flu or what. But I spend 13 hours straight huddled around the toilet puking my guts out. That same night, Bennett started puking. It was pretty disgusting. Needless to say that our little family is exhausted and ready to be healthy!

So it looks like we'll be ringing in the new year at home trying to recover from the ickyness. Ah well, what can ya do?

Anyway, this wasn't meant to be a post where I complain!

What I meant to say was HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Hope you all have a wonderful and safe evening!

Bring on 2012!


Nikki said...

I hate those flu bugs, hope you and Bennett are feeling better soon!

Happy New year!

Alissa said...

Happy new year. Let me know if you need anything.

Chelsea Thom said...

Bleh! I hope you're feeling better and that Bennett starts to feel better as well. Being sick is NOT fun!

Lamielle Lira Lincke said...

Happy New Year Mandy! Sending healing thought and prayers to you and your family. 

Sarahelizabethfoto said...

Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!

God Bless!




Stephanie said...

Hope you are already feeling better! Sending lots of prayers your way! :)

Jess said...

Happy New Year  Mandy! 

kaitlyn said...

Happy new year! Hope you and the little one feel better soon <3

In our sea of love

Sarah Halstead said...

Hope you all feel better soon. 

Kara @ Just1Step said...

So sorry Mandy! We actually had the exact same thing last week.  It knocked out 8 family members in total! Hope you feel better soon.