13 January 2012

week in iphone pics w.21

I wanted to say THANK YOU for all of your wonderful suggestions/advise/recommendations on my last post!! I am pretty confident now going forward on what I want to buy!! You all are the best!

It's been weeks since I shared my iphone goodness. So here we are!

My view looking down. Hiii belly!
New business cards! Thanks uprinting.com
Kicking the ball around the street
Cool sky.
Riding his Toy Story quad around the neighborhood!
The day he almost escaped his crib!
We've had some nice days here recently! Cold, but nice!
New iphone case!! Yah! Techcandy.com.
My text message stalker. He started texting me December 29th and hasn't stopped. You'd think he'd get a clue from the non-response that this was the wrong number. But nope, he keeps on comin. Does he think I'm petey pablo??
Hubby squished his desk next to mine. Cute huh?
My flat iron broke :( But no worries, I got a new one. A better one. This one ROCKS!
Post-nap snuggles. <3<3
More cool sky.
Me & my boy.
"in my bag". One of the Jan photo a day prompts. Nothing super glamorous. Mostly toddler necessities.

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Chelsea @The Curly Cues said...

This made me laugh twice. Once because I ALWAYS mix you up with Petey Pablo, and again because of Tums. Haha.

Courtney Baxtron said...

Three things I've loved on your blog this week:  Your new desk setup…must copy that…seriously.  Your adorable baby bump!  And the new business cards.  :)  Have a fantastic weekend.

Emily said...

I love your new phone case and that text stalker is hilarious!!!!! LOL!

katie @lovesoflife said...

Ummm Girlfrannn, I've had that straightener for FIVE YEARS and it is my bff. Like, the best straightener known to man. I'm just happy they still make them ;) You will love it. It's how I do all my curls, too!!

mandy at asortafairytale said...

Most people do mistake me for Petey Pablo, so I'm not surprised that this guy made that same mistake. And yes, tums are a MUST!

Tales_Of_Two_Girls said...

Love the pictures.  That text message is hilarious.  It reminds me of the texts from Bennett.

Nicolette Springer said...

I love the new cards and iphone case. Your bump is adorable!

amy@agoodlife said...

maybe texter guy is petey pablo???  puh-LEASE text him back!!  if this doesn't keep going on i think i will cry. & i love the new blog look & your super cute biznass cards!!

kirstie@bonhomiejewelry said...

stopped by from "life rearranged"! the business cards are fantastic!!! and i LOVE ikea - whajya buy? ;-)

Courtney said...

I do love your new business cards.  And the belly!  :)  Thanks for linking up!

Sacha said...

What a cute bump you got. and a adorable boy :)

love the pictures :)

im your new follower... come check in my blog to say hi and follow me back :D


luisa rodriguez said...

beautiful, beautiful belly! :P

Kiara Buechler said...

A great week of photos!

Lindsay said...

Love your bag, I need to upgrade to that here soon.  I'm sick of carrying a diaper bag plus my purse. 

Nikki said...

I hope you have unlimited texting!  Cute moccasins!

Sacha said...

haha love the stalker's message. Your bump is so cute. Awesome photos.


check out my blog and say hi.  I'm your follower. Love to have you to follow me back :)


allieinsavannah said...

I love all of these! And you should tell your text stalker that he's just a little late with the Happy New Year :) 

Branson said...

So many great pics! Loving the kisses :) y'all are too cute!