27 January 2012

week in iphone pics w.22

Here we are! Another week (almost) gone! It's been a good last few weeks. The snow melted, I attended a birthday party, watched lots of movies, made a cake for no reason and ate it all, I had my 28 week OB, my glucose test (which I passed!! yay!), I had a 3D u/s, received a sweet vacuum that I will be reviewing and giving one away.

We also went out to dinner to celebrate Bennett's birthday... and TOMORROW we will be celebrating again during his birthday party! We're keeping it small & simple with a cute Toy Story theme. Should be good times!! Will post on that next week! In the meantime, here's a reflection of the last week or so!

{funfetti cake. be very jealous. this all entered my stomach in 24 hours. okay not really, i shared. but i wanted to eat it ALL}
{last time we played in the snow before it went bye-bye}
{watched this movie for the first time - i liked it a lot!}
{received my new bag from zulily. LOVE it}
{drinking that awful drink}
{i passed the glucose test, but found out i'm pretty anemic so now i'm on iron pills}
{denny's!! haven't been there in forever. we had fun}
{actually did my hair and makeup}
{new bathtub crayons}
{my awesome new oreck vacuum. look out for a review & a giveaway!!}
{put up a new shower curtain. $10 at ikea. FTW!}
{little guy using the toilet. i'm such a proud mama}
{loving that my belly busts through all my cardi's now. ha ha}
{bennett turned 2 on the 26th!!!}
{blackened chicken sandwich from red robin. YUM}
{beautiful day = a walk to the neighborhood park to play}

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Brooke Hostetler said...

It really seems like you had a great week! Happy belated birthday to Bennett! I can't wait to see his party :) I also can't wait for that giveaway!

Chelsea Thom said...

That sandwich made me hungry! Yum! Goodness your belly is just the cutest! You're moving right along :)

Lesleylynnepstein said...

mmmm...all that food is making me hungry.  We had lots of fun in the snow last week too (we live in Victoria, BC) but it's all gone now too!!!  

Jodi said...

Oh Red Robin, how I love your awesome steak fries...
Had to comment because I clicked on your little link from Life Rearranged becuase of your cardy - I have the same one :) I laughed at the doctor warning of funny poop... fun times!!

Sara @ Seeing Purple Stars said...

cute pictures! the funfetti cake made me hungry, haha! you look so cute pregnant!

Ashley said...

Bennett's face on the potty?  Priceless.  Kind of like, "Mom.  Seriously?  What is going on.  And why are you taking pictures?"  Love it.  Cake sounds pretty tasty too :o)

Brienne Zwickl said...

First off, LOVE that shower curtain! It's so homey looking. :) Second, I want some cake and it's nowhere to be found in my house, so I'm glad I'll be getting a sweet fix tomorrow. And thirdly, can't wait to see you all tomorrow for the party!

Nora Spaulding said...

I want to watch Crazy Stupid Love so bad- I have it copied just gotta watch it!
I love that shower curtain sooo cute:) I need a new one bad, ours gets scummy so quick.
Red Robin is always my go to restaurant I'll have to try that chicken sandwich, never had it before
&& I love your cute baby belly- but I bet you get that a LOT!:) btw, Hi I'm Nora from Two is better than One blog :)

Courtney Kirkland said...

Funfetti cake is my FAVORITE! That's what I ask for for my birthday every year. I almost ordered that same bag from Zulily, but they were sold out when I went to buy it. Now I know who to blame. Ahem. ;) Hope Bennett had a great birthday!

Heather said...

Love the yellow bag, so fun! Your baby bump is adorable, especially peeking through your cardi! & happy birthday Bennett!

caitlin keener said...

yay for passing your glucose test!

Ashlee said...

I think I must be strange, I kind of liked the glucose drink! Mine tasted like orange soda. :-) I was also anemic during my pregnancy and put on iron pills, those teeny babies suck every last drop from you! So worth it though! :-)

amy@agoodlife said...

and now i want red robin fries & funfetti cake sooooo bad!!  and i'm on the team that liked the glucose drink... hehe ;)

amy@agoodlife said...

PS:  i can't say it enough... HAPPY BIRTHDAY BENNETT!!!!

lucilleinthesky said...

Wow! You certainly have the pregnancy glow, and a really super cute baby bump.

Holly said...

Love the cake! And the bag, and the burger! :D