13 February 2012

All kinds of Goodies. Birchbox, Cuptakes, Oreck & Bebe Bee!

I have been receiving all kinds of goodies lately. Thought I'd share.

1. First of all, of course, my brand new Oreck Magnesium Vacuum!! I use like 3 times a week. It's wonderful. If you haven't had a chance to check out my review & enter the giveaway, go do it. Like, now. Today is the LAST day to enter to win your very own Magnesium vacuum, valued at $499!

2. Check out these little treasures I got for Baby Fitz!! I'm so exited. I ordered them from Bebe Bee Couture! I decided I wanted to get some cute things for Fitz's birth photos... and I died when I saw this orange & white pixie hat. And this blue cocoon!! Ohh be still my little heart. I can't wait to put him in these things.

3. Hello new iphone case that I won in a giveaway!! It's from a company called Cuptakes. And they have some of the cutest case designs EVAR. I had actually just gotten a new iphone case recently, but am still super excited about this one. Will be switching cases constantly.

4. And last but not least... I got my Birch Box. Have you ever heard of them? I hadn't until a few months ago, but sat on the fence about whether to sign up or not. But I finally bit the bullet and I'm glad I did.

So pretty much, every month... a cute little pink box shows up in my mail box full of goodies to sample. You get between 4-5 beauty products in your box, and they send different products to different people - depending on the beauty profile you fill out when you sign up.

And for real, who wouldn't love to get a bunch of sweet beauty products delivered right to their door every month? You never know what you're going to get, that's the best part!

And get this. It's only $10 per month! What a steal, huh?? It's a really neat, inexpensive way to spoil yourself.

Alrighty, so in my Birch Box this month:
  • Dermalogica | Daily Microfoliant. It's an exfoliating powder, all you have to do is add water to it and it creates a paste that will buff away dead skin cells. Sweeeeet!
  • Eye Rock | Designer Liner. These are single use, stick on liner strips. How fun are these?? I am totally going to put these on, maybe this weekend?
  • Jouer | Luminizing Moisture Tint. Basically it's a tinted facial moisturizer. It leaves your skin dewy and glowing. This stuff is brilliant. It isn't heavy like foundation. Feels just like you're putting on lotion, and it has a perfect tan tint to it. 
  • Juice Beauty | Blemish Clearing Serum. High-performing zit serum with organic botanicals to purify your skin. 'Nuff said. :)
  • Supersmile | Powdered Mouthrinse. Little powder filled pouches you can take with you on-the-go. All you need is to add water to it and it will sweeten your breath AND whiten your teeth. Seriously awesome.
  • Special Birchbox digital downloads. I also received 6 free tunes from a an indie rock band called Green River Ordinance.
So that's a lot of stuff to try out for $10, right? And if you really love any or all of the product samples you received, you can order the full size directly from the birchbox website. Wanna go sign up to receive your own little box of beautifying surprises every month? Go here!!!


Nani said...

Love all of it, the iphone case, the baby goodies, the vaccume and esp the birch box I have been wanting to try it. I think I might just bite the bullet and get it your right it's a nice little treat for us. 

Tara said...

love the baby goodies! And the iphone case!! I can't wait to see baby Fitz! :) I so wish I could photograph your birth! I LOVE birth photography and newborn photography!

is that weird? I totally dnt mean it weirdly! :)

Heather kale said...

I am going to check out this birchbox  stuff! & I wanna win your giveaway AND the baby hat is so cute!

Lea said...

Oh, I cannot wait to see baby Fitz in the cocoon and hat.   That is just too cute!  Happy hearts day to you!

amy@agoodlife said...

i think you've sold me on birchbox & i loooooove that iPhone case!

Ashley Vos said...

Don't you love the luminizing moisture tint? I adore it.

Kiara said...

The hat and cocoon are to die for!  Baby Fitz is going to be the cutest one in the whole hospital!

Britt said...

You are looking pretty spoiled there my lady!

Blanca said...

Your box looks awesome. Myself and a lot of people are bummed about this month's Birchbox. I got everything you got but instead of the 
Supersmile | Powdered Mouthrinse and the 
Juice Beauty | Blemish Clearing Serum  I got a super cheap/generic and small heart nail file. I'm thinking of switching to "MyGlam". Thanks for sharing! :)

zeeno said...

I finally gave in and got Birchbox myself but my box was lacking lol. I'm still not going to give up on it, I've heard a ton of good stuff about it!

I want to try out Julip, but $20 is a bit steep, even if I spend about that much on nail polish a month anyway lol.


Ashley Vos said...

What the heck! I live like a milisecond from you and this is NOT what I got in my Birchbox! Rawr.

libby said...

tell me what your beauty profile looked like. it looks like all the stuff you are getting is great. im waiting for an invite!