13 March 2012

March Birchbox - Teen Vogue edition.

So by now, I'm sure you know about Birch Box, right? That amazing little box of high-end beauty samples that you can sign up for and it gets delivered to your door step every month? Yah that one.

In case you don't remember what I got last month, here's a reminder. Lots of awesome goodies. And this month was no different!! I decided to go with the Teen Vogue edition of the Birch Box. Loved what was inside. Here's a peek:

Let's have a closer look, shall we?

Essie | luxeeffects - A glittery top coat nail polish. Can't go wrong there. (oh and p.s. they sent a full size bottle of it, normally $8. And my entire Birch Box of samples is only $10/mo. score!)
Kate Spade | Twirl perfume - This stuff smells amazing. It's "flirty" and modern. Kinda smells fruity and floral at the same time.
Kerastase | Elixir Ultime - whattta whatta?? Ha ha. It's a nourishing oil hair regimen meant to hydrate, smooth and "sleekify" your strands.
Tarte | LipSurgance lip tint - It's a pink lip stain designed to boost moisture levels in your lips.
And a bonus: Discount code to ModCloth. cool.

Well there you have it! If you didn't get the Teen Vogue box, what was in yours this month?
And if you don't have a subscription for Birch Box yet, go sign up! It's easy and fun!


Courtney B said...

You scored SO good this month! I really need to sign up for this...

SimplyStavish said...

This sounds like so much fun.  I think I'm going to sign up!!! 

Chance said...

Um.  Wow!  You should really get a commission because I am so signing up!  

Stephanie Doyle said...

You got some good stuff! Hmmm, maybe I am missing out!!

Rachel Schenendorf said...

teen vogue box = best birchbox ever. the regular box this month was a total snore. i got a tiny bottle of pepto pink polish, 3 tea bags, 2 sunscreen wipes, cellulite cream, a tiny thing of hair powder and a mini tube of skin repai cream. boo....BUT i'm sure it will be back to fab next month...and you scored BIGTIME!

Mr. Taylor and his Lady said...

what great items to receive. love it!! 
and kate spade perfume? perfection.xo TJ

dreamsandajourney said...

I just received mine for the first time too... this Box was great right!! Cheers!

Erin said...

I got the same box as you :) I was so excited to see some Essie thrown in there!

Jessica Diamond said...

I received the exact same box. Well, I did get a neon green twistband thingy. I don't care for it or the color. So, I'll probably never use that thing. I got the same color polish and love it. I know it's supposed to be used for a topcoat but I actually like it just as it is on my nails. Oh, and that lip tint...love it. :)

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