10 March 2012

week in iphone pics w.25

Back with another week via Instagram (username: mandychiappini). Come find me!

{this was supposed to be a time out, it seems he was enjoying himself a little too much for it to be effective!}
{dinner: meatloaf and rice}
{random snow day}
{a fork & a swiffer... standing on the table. this kid}
{he sat in this basket for half the day}
{happy camper in his crib. i can't believe he has never climbed out!}
{35 week preggo pic, hello belly button!}
{looooooove cadbury mini eggs}
{big tube slides... again}
{sleepy boy}
{the day after the snow melted... it's 65 degrees and sunny... PNW weather is so weird}
{dads & their sons}
{playing at the park again, but this time with his besties}
{toddlers & ipads. what did we ever do before technology?}

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Becca said...

That pregnancy picture is so cute! Btw, the "original" Cadburry eggs were a favorite when my siblings and I were young. I have yet to try the mini ones...

Lauren Vaughan said...

you look GREAT!! :) and bennett is a total copy of you. the one pictue where he's in the basket, you can see the resemblance so well. 

Stephanie Doyle said...

Love the pics :) I've been telling Jill I want to hit up those huge slides sometime!!

Cynthia said...

The fork and swiffer photo is my favorite!!  And I love how his hair is swept to the side with some wave to it, he's so handsome.  Sleepy photo is so precious too (love those jammies!!)

I 've been looking for the little mini egg bags because I'm afraid to buy the full size bag knowing it will be eaten in the car before I even get home.  I thought I had a sweet tooth when I was pregnant with my son but it doesn't compare now being pregnant with twins.  

Your preggo bump is so cute!!!  

Ashleigh Moshier said...

Great pictures!  The swiffer and the fork on the table is the best (your hubby tossing your boy up is a VERY close second!) because I see that in my near future with my boy!  Thanks for sharing. :)  Ashleigh (http://happyashleigh.blogspot.com/)

Emily @ PeckLife.com said...

AHH, mini cadbury eggs, they are so addicting, I LOVE THEM!! It's amazing how we can go from crazy snow to sunny all in one week. :)

Courtney B said...

Oh these pictures of Bennett just melt my heart! Where can I get one just like him?? Ha ha!
Love that you stocked up on mini cadbury eggs! I'm going today to buy some annnnd the sweetart jelly beans. Have you had those? They only come out at Easter and they are my FAVORITE!

Kara @ Just1Step said...

Very fun pics, Mandy.  :)  Do you use a special camera app?  I downloaded camera+ a week or so ago.

caitlin keener said...

i'm 37 weeks & i wish my belly button would flipping pop! right now it just looks like a weird crater LOL

nicole said...

o.m.g. the mini eggs. i seriously LOVE those. i havent bought a bag yet... i am totally trying to loose weight right now.. so eat a bag {or twelve} for me. 

dreamsandajourney said...

What fun days :)

amy@agoodlifeblog said...

love that prego belly & i can't believe bennett hasn't climbed out of that crib either!

casey said...

I'm trying to recall all of my thoughts as I type....those tube slides are freaking awesome!!  Bennett is looking so much older these days and so so cute with his toddler charm!! The basket is awesome.  My gal loves sitting in baskets or boxes too!  LOVE your adorable belly and dang girl, you are almost there!!! Can't wait to see the next little cutie!!