17 April 2012

Easton is 2 weeks!

I get so behind with these updates, but here I am! Easton turned two weeks old last Friday! Can't believe we've already been home with this little blessing for that long already! I know it doesn't sound like a long time but really, time goes so fast with a newborn and they change so much every day. I can't keep up!

At 2 weeks old here are his stats:

Weight: 9lbs (45%)
Height: 22" (90%)
Head Circ: 15" (65%)

Tall and skinny. That seems to be the theme with our kids. Pretty sure they will both be over 6 feet tall like their Dad. I'm only 5'3" so I will feel like I'm living with a bunch of giants. Ha ha.

Sleep. Easton is a very good sleeper. VERY good. I almost don't want to write that down because I'm afraid of jinxing it. Ah, who am I kidding? I don't believe in all that superstitious mumbo jumbo, so I'll just say it like it is. Obviously, he has a hard night here or there but nothing to really complain about. He sleeps most of the day (I will miss this when he stops doing it!). We try to get him up and have "awake time" with him from 6:30pm-9ish. He does pretty well with it. We go to bed around 10pm, give or take 30 minutes or so. He wakes up usually around 2-3am to eat. And then again at 6am. Then he usually sleeps in until around 9-10am. It's pretty much awesome. I am so impressed with him. He doesn't seem to have his days/nights mixed up at all. Hopefully he will keep it up. But I feel like he's been so good at sleeping, that we are bound to have some long nights coming up here soon. We'll see I guess!

Eating. Easton is exclusively breastfed. (more on this later!). He struggled for a few days when we first got home, but since then, we've worked through it and he is a very good eater! He's kind of a snacker, though. He likes smaller meals a little more often (except at night). But he's getting better!

Clothing & Diapers. He's still in newborn clothes! I love this!! So cute and tiny. Not sure he will fit in them much longer, though, because he's so dang tall. Anything with feet on it is hard to put him in cause he's so long that it really stretches out the clothing. I guess it's time to start pulling out the 0-3 month stuff! He's just moved into size 1 diapers. He could wear newborn's a little longer but oh well. He'll fill out the 1's in no time. I love Pampers Swaddlers!! I plan to use these until he's about 3-4 months then we'll start buying the "cheaper" diapers. I kept Bennett in Pampers diapers for WAY too long, and I could have been saving lots of money. I just really like the Pampers for infants, they are very soft and flexible.

(i found a similar post i wrote about bennett when he was about 2 weeks, it's fun to compare them!)

Overall, Easton is an amazing baby. He's pretty mellow... hardly cries at all. He can actually be on his own a little (for now), and if he's sleepy a lot of times he can put himself to sleep. No rocking or bouncing. (unlike bennett when he was a newborn). This really has been such a blessing because now that I've got a toddler to run around after take care of, the fact that I can set Easton down and he will just chill out or go to sleep... is so helpful!!

I just love my kiddos so much!


Nikki said...

Look at all that hair!  Glad he's such a good sleeper.

Kate said...

He is precious! I can't wait to have new baby cuddle again! :)

casey said...

I know I say this on Instagram a lot but E is such a handsome little baby boy.  Seriously, one of the most beautiful newborns and babies I've ever seen!!! SO handsome!!  Love his name too by the way.  Always have loved that name.  Great choice! 

thepapermama said...

Hello mini Bennett. ;) adorable.

Amy said...

He is gorgeous! I just love his hair. He sounds like a sweetheart and he is doing awesome with his sleeping! Lucky mama!

Joni said...

that hair is just too cute. he looks so much like bennett but the hair is what is definitely the big difference.  both of your children are just so freaking adorable. not to rush him along but,  i can't wait until easton is old enough to sit up and we start seeing pictures of him and bennett together. your awesome photography talent plus too beautiful kids...i can almost see the gorgeous photos now. hehe!

Skye said...

Wow that is fabulous and I Love how precious he is! I love that shot of Easton! Some babies are good sleepers from the get go - Our daughter was too. I can only pray we are blessed with the 2nd one being such a good one too - i wonder if it can happen twice! haha! 

mandy @ asortafairytale said...

 Thank you so much, Joni!! I'm interested to see how much Bennett & Easton look alike, too!!

mandy @ asortafairytale said...

 Thank you, Amy!

mandy @ asortafairytale said...

 Awe, thanks Casey!!

Sarah Halstead said...

Aww. So sweet. Glad he is sleeping so well.