09 April 2012

Easton's Birth Story

Wow. Let me just say that my labor/delivery experience with Easton was SO much different than with Bennett. It was like night and day. It was a much faster, quicker delivery.... which made me both scared and extremely happy!!

Here's how the day went down:

Thursday, March 29th
  • 12:00PM - I was getting in the shower & noticed that I had lost my mucus plug. I figured that it meant that labor was getting close. But since it was still a bit early, I assumed that I still had a few days at least! I tried not to read too much into it.
  • 7:00PM - Some awesome ladies from my church threw kind of a last minute combined baby shower for me and a few other expectant mothers in our church. The decorations were adorable, and the food and treats were yummy!

    At about 8:30PM, I was sitting at the table just chit-chatting with everyone when I felt a little bit of fluid trickle out of you-know-where. Hmm... at this point I wasn't sure if I had just peed a little or what. I knew that it very well could have been my water breaking, since that exact thing happened with Bennett. Since I was surrounded by people, I didn't want to make a big spectacle and to be honest, I was in a little bit of denial - and so - I just sat there for about another 10 minutes talking and laughing. Pretty soon, I knew that I would have to get up eventually and just let whatever was going to happen, happen. So....
  • 8:45PM - I stood up from the table at my baby shower and POP. My water broke everywhere!!! I stood there in shock for a little while, not really sure how to tell everyone that I was leaking amniotic fluid all over the floor. So I just kind of mumbled it to my friend sitting next to me and of course this was her reaction: "Oh my gosh!! Are you serious?! Everyone!! Mandy's water just broke!" Within seconds everyone was standing around me asking what they could do and how they could help! I suddenly got so emotional, I just stood there and started crying. Partly because I was embarrassed (not that I should have been, we were all Mothers!), but mostly because I realized that I was going to be HAVING A BABY in the next day or two. I pretty much had a meltdown in the middle of Marisa's kitchen. Once I got it together, Janea and a few others helped me get my stuff together and got me to my car.

    *I just want to make sure I say how grateful I am to all of the amazing ladies at church. They were are so supportive and wonderful. Couldn't have been with a better group of people at the time.

  • 9:00PM - Contractions start. They are mild, but definitely consistent.
  • 9:15PM - Arrive at home & tell Philip what had happened. We immediately called my sister & brother-in-law to see if they could come and stay with Bennett. We had to get to the hospital pretty quickly because I needed to get the antibiotics for the Group B Strep that I had tested positive for. You are supposed to get them 4 hours prior to delivery. And even though I kind of assumed that my labor would be a lot longer than 4 hours, my OB told me to go straight in if my water breaks. Philip and I went upstairs, finished packing up our hospital bags and I had another break down.

    At this point, I was so emotional. I was just in disbelief. I mean, I knew that I was getting close to my due date but when it all started happening - I just freaked out. I was worried about what labor would be like this time and how I would handle it. I was already starting to miss Bennett, knowing that I wouldn't see him much for the next few days. And I was excited that I was going to meet my new little man so soon!!

    My sister and brother-in-law showed up around 9:30 (luckily they live only a mile away). We gave them a quick run down on what was happening with Bennett's schedule and then we left for the hospital.
  • 9:45PM - Left for the hospital. 
  • 10:30PM - Arrived at the hospital. We got all checked in, the nurses start monitoring the contractions. They were coming every 3-4 minutes and were lasting about 60 seconds each.

  • 11:30PM - I'm 4cm dilated.
  • 11:45PM - Contractions are getting WORSE! They are feeling pretty dang intense at this point. Decided to get the epidural. Felt it slightly. If you remember in Bennett's birth story - I got the epidural and it failed. It pretty much did the same thing this time. I had a tiny bit of relief but for the most part, I still felt everything pretty strongly.
(from here on out.... the story goes quickly!!)

  • 12:00AM - My mom arrives.

    By midnight, I was feeling quite a bit of pain still, but luckily the epidural took the edge off a little bit. I could have a normal conversation in between contractions. I could tell that they were getting stronger and closer together. My labor seemed to be progressing very fast!! This was good news because it meant that the baby was NOT posterior anymore!! Posterior babies have a pretty hard time progressing and dropping so we were fairly confident that he was facing the right direction!! Halleluiah!
  • 1:00AM - I started getting shaky and getting cold sweats. I knew exactly what this meant. TRANSITION! If I was feeling transition, that means I was getting pretty close. 
  • Somewhere in this time - my doctor was paged to come in.
  • 1:30AM - Nurse checked me and I'm 8-9cm dilated!! Holy crap this was happening SO fast. I really could not believe it. I hurried and called/texted my sister and best friend to tell them that baby boy would be here ANY time and to hurry and get to the hospital.
  • 1:45AM - At this point I was feeling a LOT of pressure. I could literally feel the baby's head in my birth canal. Seriously, it was creepy/exciting/overwhelming. My doctor hadn't shown up yet and I REALLY wanted her to deliver my baby. It was the same OB that delivered Bennett. She has been with me through it all and I didn't want some random on call doctor coming and delivering my little boy.

    So what did I do?? I rolled to my side and squeezed my legs together. I started mumbling something along the lines of "No, I'm not ready yet. I don't want to have this baby right now!" The nurses and my Mom and Philip had to keep reminding me that there was nothing I could do to stop it. This baby was pretty much almost out already. 
  • 1:55AM - we got word that my OB was in the building and on her way up! I pretty much knew that when she got there I would immediately start pushing. That is exactly what happened.

    My OB showed up right around 2:00AM, scrubbed up real quick and told me that this baby would probably be born any minute.

    I got in position and gave a good push. Immediately, with the first push, you could see a couple inches of his head emerging. I pushed again with the next contraction and he came out a little more. I'm not gonna lie - with an epidural that was barely there, I could FEEL what they call "the ring of fire". I felt it with Bennett, too... but I totally forgot how much it hurts!! Ouch.

    The next set of contractions came and my OB told me to basically just push with everything I had and my little boy would be here!! So that's exactly what I did. I pushed as hard as I could and his head came out. She promptly told me to stop pushing and to wait for a minute. The umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck so she needed to unwind it before I got him out the rest of the way. Seriously, the anticipation was killing me!!
  • 2:09AM - With one more push, my baby boy has arrived!!! 8.12lbs - 21"

  • And just like that-- there he was. It was truly incredible. I feel so incredibly blessed to have had an experience like this. Yes, maybe my epidural didn't work as I had hoped, but seriously. I'm not complaining!! I had a 5 hour birth and only had to push a few times and viola!!!!--I meet my little guy. It was absolutely amazing... I don't even have the words to describe what an awesome experience this was. Of course, Bennett's birth was awesome also, but it was also very traumatizing and overwhelmingly stressful. It was a totally different experience. I guess it's true what they say...your 2nd child really does come easier. And for that, I am so thankful!

    So here are some pictures my Mom took while she was there. I'm so happy she was there with me to experience this, and to help me document it.

    Shortly after he was born, my sister and best friend Kiara walked in. They pretty much got there RIGHT when my doctor handed him to me. I wish they would have come just 10 minutes sooner to see his birth but since things progressed so fast... they couldn't get there in time. But I'm so happy they were there to see the freshness of my little newborn! It was comforting to have loved ones in the room.

    I managed to get away with a few small tears. One needed a few stitches and the others were small enough that they didn't need any. Thank goodness!! After my OB got me all stitched up and taken care of, we asked my family and friend to give us just a few minutes as a family so that we could name our new little bundle of joy!

    As we stared at him, 2 names came to mind. One that my Husband really favored, and one that I really liked. Looking back, I think I would have been happy whichever name we chose but at the time - I really felt strongly that Easton was his name. And Michael would be his middle name. And that was that. (the story how this name was chosen is coming soon!)

    Overall, this birth experience was SO much easier, physically, than the first time. Both special in their own ways, though.

    LATER that day after pretty much no sleep, Bennett came to visit us and his little brother! He was genuinely interested in him... he sort of just poked at him, but also gave him some kisses and hugs. He hung out with us for quite a while... it was so nice having the 4 of us there together for the first time! 


    Tiffany said...

    Wow! What a wonderful birth story! Fast & furious...sounds familiar ;)

    Easton is just beautiful! Congratulations on becoming a family of FOUR!! xo

    Courtney B said...

    Oh my goodness... all of these pictures are precious!
    What is Group B strep?
    And why do epidurals fail? That freaks me out!

    marci said...

    Holy Smokes that was fast!! Congrats, your family is so beautful. Bennett's smile is totally contagious too :) hope you're getting plenty of rest and cuddle time in.

    Chelsea @The Curly Cues said...

    I have to admit, I cried a little bit. I am so happy that Easton's birth went so smoothly. Seeing Bennett with him just makes my heart swell. So happy for your family of 4! Can't wait to join the club. Hope some of your second baby luck rubs off on me. I would prefer a quicker birth than the 21 hours I had last time ;)

    laurenalb said...

    aw this is so sweet! I cant believe how FAST it happened!! lucky you. I am glad that everything went so well you deserve the best and he is totally perfect. SO SO CUTE love ya! xoxo

    Emily @ PeckLife.com said...

    I am SO HAPPY for your little family. What a great birth - and you were worried! :) I'm wishing and hoping that my 2nd birth (when the day comes) will go like this. I was so traumatized and damaged (in all possible ways...) after Sky's birth and I really don't think I can handle another one. He is just the cutest little bundle!!! <3

    Kara @ Just1Step said...

    Such an awesome story, Mandy.  Thanks for sharing - I got a little teary when I saw your whole family in the picture together, as well.  I'll blame it on the preggo hormones. :)

    Leahstallings said...

    So sweet! Thanks for sharing! I feel so out of the loop down here in Idaho :)

    Mama Monkey said...

    So happy for you all and things went well!!!  :)  Love the pictures!!!!!  Baby fever over here :)  I'm glad your epi took some of the edge off for you this time!!  You're family is adorable :D

    Mama Monkey said...

    I love talking about pregnancy, so I'll toss in what I know quickly while I'm making lunch...

     Here is a link to Group B strep info:  http://www.americanpregnancy.org/pregnancycomplications/groupbstrepinfection.html

    It's an infection that can be passed on to the newborn.

    Unfortunately, epidurals can fail for lots of reasons.  Not being placed correctly, not administiring the correct dose, etc.  If your labor is progressing quickly, sometimes the drug doesn't have enough time to catch up. 

    And the reason why most OB's recommend you come to the hospital as soon as your water breaks is because you could have a cord prolapse (cord slips out first) which is life threatening for the baby.  Sometimes the mom can't even tell a prolapse has occured since a little bit of cord is trapped. 

    3 kids calling...gotta scoot : ) Happy Monday!!!

    Nikki said...

    if everyone's 1st birth stories were like that I'd jump right one board ;)  He is beautiful, good job Mama glad it went so smooth!

    ErnestineADavis said...

    Such fantastic inspiring photos.

    I must say, your family looks sooooo adorable


    Ashley said...

    Is it odd that even after reading this and seeing a million pictures of Easton on instagram, it still seems like you don't have two kiddos yet?  Obviously not for you :o).  But I can't believe you have another beautiful little bundle!  He is just precious, thanks for sharing your birth story.

    jenni from the blog said...

    Oh, this totally made me tear up!  Such beautiful pictures and I love that first fam pic of the 4 of you.  I die.  Isn't it so sweet to see siblings meet for the first time??  Sigh.  You look fabulous in the pics too mama.  How is that even possible?

    And isn't labor #2 SO MUCH EASIER!?!  OMG.  I can only imagine how labor #3 will be for me, lol. I hope this baby doesn't fall out ;)

    Congrats again, sweets! xo

    Sylvia Cook said...

    There's my boy!! Thank you for letting me be there and document it for you Mandy. It was a thrill!

    molly said...

    What a wonderful birth story. The photos are gorgeous, Mandy! Those will be treasured for years! Easton is a blessing.

    Alycia Crowley said...

    Love this! Bennett has been on my baby name list for forever, and I love when I find other people who have used it so I can tell my husband, he doesn't believe it is a first name! haha

    Kiara Buechler said...

    What a relief that E just flew out into the world!  It was crazy how fast he got here, he was just eager to meet his family I guess, and to get into your good graces by flipping back anterior.  I love your sweet little family, and feel blessed to have been with you all in those first minutes after E's arrival.

    Karly Gomez said...

    What a great birth story! I am so glad things went well for you. Reading this of course made me think about the birth of my kids and I got all choked up ha ha ha!

    sarah d. said...

    It's great to hear that laboring went fairly easy!  I read how you were worried about having another rough delivery.  so, it's awesome that all was well.  the pictures are great.  you look amazing in all of them!  what a beautiful family :)

    Shannon said...

    Congrats! He is SO handsome!

    Diana said...

    I just loved this post! By the time I got to the photos, I had tears in my eyes! Babies are just the sweetest things and you are so blessed to have such a lovely bundle of joy and a great birth experience! 

    amy@agoodlife said...

    oh man, you have me in tears!!  what a great birth story... i read every word, just so you know :)  you are so lucky to have these amazing pictures.  i think i will bring my camera & just give it to someone on Av mode & hope for the best, haha.

    Seriously, your story gives me hope for a better labor experience this time & i can't wait for my two little guys to meet!  Big congrats guys... he is just too perfect :)

    Mary@It's a Sun Kissed Life said...

    i loved this.. congratulations! he's so precious.

    Kat said...

    Congrats!  I love how documented this birth was - and I'm hopping over to check out Bennett's birth story.

    SimplyStavish said...

    CONGRATS!!! There are tears streaming down my face as I read this.  Such a wonderful birth story.  Happy to hear you had a much easier birth experience this time around.  Those second little boys seem to want to come faster and easier I guess.  My second boy did for sure!  These are photos to cherish for a lifetime.  :) 

    Tales_Of_Two_Girls said...

    What an awesome birth story!!  Congrats again on your beautiful baby boy! 

    Kristin said...

    what a beautiful birth story! such an amazing experience! congrats to you and your beautiful family!!

    leah @marital bless said...

    What an amazing story! Man oh man, I just heard a friend is pregnant and now I read this. I have baby fever again . . .

    Sarah [NurseLovesFarmer.com] said...

    What a beautiful, amazing story!!! I'm glad things went so smoothly...and oh the ring of fire...indeed she is! You're so lucky that you had your mom there to take pictures, she did a wonderful job...I wish I could have great pics like that, but it's just not gonna happen!

    shawntae said...

    Make me cry why don't ya! He is so handsome and i'm so proud of you! Fast labors are the best way. That picture of the 4 of you should be hung up huge! Love you and your sweet family!

    Meagan said...

    Such a beautiful story! thank you for sharing all these beautiful pictures! i can't believe how amazing you look after giving birth!

    aimymichelle said...

    wow that sounds pretty intense. i think childbirth scares me. i'm no where near that stage in my life though.

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