06 April 2012

week in iphone pics w. 26

This past week has been an exciting one. Obviously. :-) Here is a glimpse into what's been goin' on!! I took so many iphone pictures this week. probably a record amount!! but... i will try to restrain from posting too many.

1. oh! did i mention that my water broke at my baby shower?!? it was quite the show for everyone there. i was kinda embarrassed, stressed, excited and emotional. 

 2.oh yeah, did i mention i was emotional?? this is my in the car on the way to the hospital right after my water broke. i was kind of a hot mess!!

3. baby easton was born march 30th @ 2:09am!

 4. home from the hospital with all of my boys!

5. trying out the moby wrap with my little one.

6. bennett got a new bath toy. it blows bubbles and he thinks it's pretty awesome!

7. bubble time outside with daddy!!

8. my itty bitty.

9. my loves.

10. a sneak peak at easton's newborn shoot! i'm still editing but will have some photos up soon!

11. me and my sleepy baby. love that his mouth is wide open like that. sooo cute!

12. bennett looking very concerned watching the hail come down! crazy PNW weather!


Emily said...

Aren't those Mobies the greatest? Caleb loved his as a newborn... and still loves it to this day (I take him grocery shopping in it :-) ). Your little guy is quite the cutie (I've been following on Instagram) :-) Congrats!

Shauna Wyrick said...

Those photos are adorable! Your family is so beautiful. Have a great weekend!

Mama Monkey said...

One word: BLISS :)

Lea said...

Oh, such wonderfulness!  Thanks for sharing!  Happy Easter with your boys!

Brandi Litchfield said...

Your water broke at your shower??? That is so awesome! What a great story!

Melissa said...

What a precious little peanut you have!  Time FLIES with the second one, I can't believe our little one is already 2 months old!  Looking forward to seeing his newborn photos!

Carly Alary said...

Love the pics! , but what happened to the birth story? I saw that it was up, but the link doesn't lead anywhere :(  can anyone else see it?

Courtney B said...

Oh goodness..... these pictures are PRECIOUS! Love 'em!
Now that they came out with instagram for the droid, I have it! We need to be friends... CourtBrink

Rebecca Doyle said...

Congratulations to you on the arrival of your itty bitty bundle of cuteness :)
I love the photo of your boys snuggling on the couch - must make your heart burst with love!

Tory @ Life As We Know It said...

Hi Mandy! Congratulations! I"m so happy that this experience was an easier one for you. I had a quick question. I love the photos and was wondering what lens you had your mother use while taking pictures? Get some rest lady and enjoy your new family! Take Care! 

amy@agoodlife said...

can NOT believe your water broke at your friend's house!!  what a story :)

Kat said...

Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I can't believe how beautiful you look during labor and right after birth!