30 May 2012

Easton - 2 months old!

Exactly 2 months ago, my little baby "Fitz" was born!!! Love this little boy more and more every single day! Here's what's goin' down with my 2 month old these days!

Two month stats:

Weight: 13lbs 6oz (85%)
Height: 24.5" (95%)

Sleep. Let's talk about this, shall we? Easton has never really had his days/nights reversed. The first stretch of the night, he does pretty well. He goes still goes to bed pretty late at night- between 10-11pm and then gets up around 3am to eat. Then again around 5-6am. He'll generally fall back to sleep and then be up for the day between 8-9am. He's still sleeping in our bed, we have a cradle for him in our room but I just can't let go of him yet. Hubby says he needs to move over to the cradle by the end of this week... so we'll see what happens. Naps are tough because big brother Bennett is quite noisy and it definitely bothers Easton. We're trying to work on a schedule 'round here. Hopefully we'll figure it out soon!

Eating. Easton is still exclusively breastfed. He's a very very good eater, as you can see in his weight/height measurements. Ha ha. I am still producing quite a bit of milk, I have a TON in the freezer and running out of room. I get up once to at night to pump but have pretty much stopped pumping during the days. It was just getting to be too much. He takes a bottle pretty well but definitely prefers to nurse.

Clothing & Diapers. East is wearing mostly 3 month clothing but I can see that he will be in 3-6 month stuff very soon. He's just so dang tall, not much fits him in the length. Poor guy. Ha ha. We have just finished off the last pack of size 1 diapers and have moved on to size 2!! Can't believe it. Seriously, it's like he's a big boy now. In size 2 diapers?? Crazay.

Easton has worked through most of his tummy issues. He seems to be doing MUCH better!! He's still kinda fussy between the hours of 6-9pm but overall, he's a very happy baby!! He's smiling so much more now, which just melts my heart! I will have to write another post about his smile. It's so sweet. :)


Olivia said...

He is so precious!!!!!  He looks a lot like Bennett in this photo:)  I wanted to send you this link for a great tip on how to store your breastmilk in the freezer and save yourself a lot of room!!!
This really helped us!!

Sarah [NurseLovesFarmer.com] said...

He's just beautiful and his hair is getting lighter! I am NOT judging, believe me...but I don't know how you co-sleep right in your bed! I'd seriously never get a wink! :) I bet you'll miss him but maybe he'll sleep longer and so will you? Best of luck!

Chelsea @The Curly Cues said...

He is so cute, I kinda wish he was coming with you tomorrow ;) That is until we try to go to bed, then I'll be glad he is home with his daddy.

Julie Rogers said...

Happy Two Months!  I just read your last post--I'm catching up around here reading blogs and that is such a NORMAL feeling!  Those first few months are hard---and your boys are so needy for your attention.  It does get easier, let me tell you---my boys are 18 months and 3 1/2 and it is so much easier than those first few months.  But hang in there, try to catch as much sleep as you can, and enjoy those precious moments with each boy!

amy@agoodlife said...

yay for getting over the tummy issues!  he is so dang cute... can't wait to meet him sooner than later :)

Cori said...

Aw, makes me miss when my babies were actually babies. So cute! Glad he's doing well with the eating and tummy issues. My son Logan had a lot of digestive problems and a pretty frustrating case of colic.

Jess @ Here Comes the Sun said...

Oh my, I LOVE his hair! What an adorable, round little face. Glad to hear things are going well- I'm jealous of his sleeping habits.