28 May 2012

Everyday Treats with COOL WHIP

I am not much of a cook, or a baker, so I like my desserts to be quick and simple to make. And as a young married couple, raising two little boys, and owning my own business.... life is busy! Finding time to bake is tough. But I really love having that special something to enjoy after dinner. Cause the truth is, we eat dinner so we can have dessert, right? So I'm always on the look out for easy recipes I can throw together after dinner. And I'm here to share one with you!

I was introduced to this dessert by my Husband. My Mom used to make Strawberry shortcake when I was a kid, and I loved it! Well, this is sort of the same thing, only it's made with Angel food Cake instead of shortcake. This is one of my absolute favorite everyday treats to make. Light, fluffy cake, strawberries and COOL WHIP Whipped Topping. Can't possibly go wrong with those things!

Okay so this is my version of Strawberry Angel Food Cake. There are different variations of this recipe out there, but since you're here on my blog, you get to learn how I like it. :-)

Here's what you need:
  • Angel Food Cake (you can always make it yourself, but... I choose to buy it!)
  • Strawberries (however much you like!)
  • Sugar
And that's it, pretty awesome right?!

First slice your strawberries and throw them in a mixing bowl.

Second, mix a few tablespoons of sugar in with your strawberries. (some people will do this earlier in the day, it will help your strawberries get mushier and get more of the juices out, if you like them like that!)

Third, and last, cut your cake, add some strawberries and then put a whole lotta COOL WHIP on top and VIOLA!

Aren't you excited to make this?? It really is super fast and a perfect everyday treat! Oh and I should warn you to keep the COOP WHIP out of reach from your toddlers or they won't leave you alone until you give them some. :-)

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Julie Rogers said...

so easy but yet so tasty---going to definitely have to try, perfect for summer!  thanks for sharing!

Kiara Buechler said...

I freaking love Cool Whip!  I am not a fan of whipped cream, and I think it's because I never had it as a kid, we only ever had Cool Whip.  I love it frozen too, eaten with a spoon.  Yummmm.  Oh, and I prefer my Starwberry Shortcake with Angel Food Cake instead of biscuits, I like the lightness of it.

melanie @ now a queen said...

love me some cool whip!