05 May 2012

week in iphone pics w.29

Another week has gone by. Ahh! This week was pretty boring since it's been all icky and rainy here in Seattle. But we did manage to escape the house a little bit.

Next week will be more exciting, I think the weather forecast is actually calling for some sun!! We NEED some sun around here! :-)

See that big zit in between my eyes? Yes... thank you postpartum hormones!

Bennett found a new hiding place.

A new bouncy house opened up like 5 minutes from our house. I'm pretty excited about it, and so is Bennett!

Me and the wee one.

Bathtime is always exciting for the toddler!

In a trance watching Curious George

Cutie pie.

This is one of the first times that Bennett has actually wanted to hold his brother. It was so sweet!! B was obsessed with Easton's little baby hands. xoxox

Still wearing maternity jeans. When I took this photo, I hadn't yet tried on my regular jeans. But since this photo, with the encouragement of my IG friends... I did in fact try my "normal" jeans on. Yah, they fit and all... but are pretty tight around the waist, giving me a muffin top. Sooooo... looks like I will be wearing maternity pants a little longer. ha.

Family trip to Target. And let me just say that these big carts that fit multiple kids are ridiculous to try and move around the store. So heavy and can't really turn down isles.

All tuckered out from Target.

Love getting snuggles from East.

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Maria Moreira said...

You have the cutest kids! :)

Holly @ Holly Days said...

Love that picture of you & the beebs in the mirror.

Jessica Pugliese said...

Umm why does he look SO big in that last photo?! My goodness he's growing fast!

Kiara Buechler said...

All such sweet photos.  I don't think my Target has those huge carts, they are pretty big!

Shauna Wyrick said...

The kids are adorbs and the one of the oldest watching TV is such  a great shot!
Hoping that yu get some sun next week, it finally came out in Oregon today.