25 June 2012

Ad space discount continued!

I've been using Passionfruit now for a few weeks and I've been so happy with it!! It's made things so much easier. I've really enjoyed my experience with them!! One of the coolest part of Passionfruit, is being able to enable different types of discounts. So I've decided to keep 'em going for a little while longer! Go check out my sponsor page for more details!

back to e discounts, if you purchase ad space in the next week, you will receive 25% off by using the promo code: JULYPROMO (case sensitive). You will notice that some of the ad spots are currently booked, but those spots will be opening soon, and if you purchase an ad, it will go live as soon as the spot opens up. (It will tell you the date when you purchase). But make sure to purchase the spot within the next week so you get the discount!

AND even better?

There are 2 large spots available next month. If you'd like to grab one, use the promo code: 40OFFNOW (case sensitive) to receive 40% off your 30 day ad space!

And because I couldn't resist...