19 July 2012

Life lately via instagram photos...

I'm extremely bad at taking my camera anywhere with me anymore. With two kids and all the junk we have to pack for them, the camera is the last thing I remember. But luckily we have iphones, right?

Here are a few photos from the past few weeks that I love!

There's been lots of thumb sucking going on.

And water fights.

And napping.

Bluum Box!

Bennett got new shoes.

Love him in bright yellow!

Baby is yelling at himself!

Cutie baby rolls.

Green bean eater.

Riding the train to downtown Seattle.

Best buds at the baseball game!

Pink shirt wearing hubby.

Brother cuddles.

Zoo day!

Carousel riding.

Dang good salad at the new restaurant that opened down the street from my house.


Courtney K said...

Looks like you guys have been busy.  :) I don't take my big camera with me anymore either, unless I'm specifically going out to shoot. My phone takes good enough photos anyway. I have to ask, though. What camera do you use for your photos? Yours are always so clear. Camera+ or something else?

Liv Kit said...

So cute. My sister gets Bluum box.. WE love it!

Joni said...

i think i've mentioned it before, but elijah is a thumbsucker too.  i think it is adorable but i am sure when he is a little older still sucking his thumb i may take that back. i sucked my thumb as a child until i was in 4th grade. whoa, huh? but for now i think it's cute and even though elijah will be 3 august 4th, i still think of him as a baby when i see him suck his thumb. he's my last, i don't want to see him grow up too fast. 

Summer said...

I love that Easton sucks his thumb! I always love your Instagram feed!

Mandy Rose said...

Such cute pictures! Love those baby rolls!

melissa rohr said...

whoa, your counters are so clean! haha, i wish i could be that simplistic with mine. or is that just another tactic to keep busy Bennett at bay? lol

Mary Swaddle said...

Cute pictures!

skye said...

I'm addicted to instagram too ... and I feel sad leaving my canon at home sometimes but its fun to take iphone pictures too, since they come out so great! And How cute you brought your son to the baseball game - We have not brought Julianna to the Yankees game yet... I am nervous she will not do well and we'll need to leave... and mommy will be upset lol. :) Maybe next year. We brought her to a local minor league game and she did well b/c there were huge areas for her to run around..... so we'll see!

amanda said...

Love following you on instagram and seeing your two handsome little fellas! : )