03 October 2012

Infant essentials pt. 1

I was talking with my sister the other day, and she was asking me if I'd help her with her baby registry. Why, of course! After two babies under the belt, I'd like to think I know what some of the "essentials" are. This list isn't as much for newborns, as it is for a little bit older babies. These are the things I found helpful specifically for infants ages 3-6 months (with a few things that will benefit the newborn stage as well). This is just part one, so believe me, this list will continue to grow! :) AP over at I Love You More Than Carrots compiled a great list of newborn necessities, so be sure to go check that out!

I really could have like 75 things on this list but I'm trying to keep it to a minimum. Obviously, not all of these things will work for everyone - but they are what I have benefited the most from.

The Boppy Pillow. 
A lot of people tell me they never used theirs but I'm here to tell you that I use mine every. single. day - 10 times a day. They are completely multi-purpose. From the time my babies are born, this is how we nurse. They lay comfortably on their side to eat and it makes it totally hands-free for me. As they get older, it's perfect for tummy time, makes it easy for older siblings to "hold" the baby, and helps assist them as they are learning how to sit up.

Bennett using the boppy:

Easton using the same boppy:

Breast Pump.
You knew this one was coming. Right? Okay so this isn't really FOR the infant, but it's for a milkin' mama during the infant stage of life. Whether you're a pumping working mom, or a mama trying to build a stash, or you need it for extended periods away from baby, whatever the case may be, I think pumps are NECESSARY!
I have the Medela Pump In Style Advanced and I just love it.

Video Monitor
I waited entirely too long to get one of these. I never had one with Bennett and I really wish I had. This time around, I knew it was something I wanted. We got this Motorola video monitor when we moved Easton to his own room. It's been such a huge help! When I can hear Easton groaning or babbling over the monitor and I am JUST about to go get him up from his nap,  but then I look at the video to see that he's actually falling back to sleep. THANK GOODNESS I didn't go in there. Precious nap time extention = priceless.

Bumbo seat.
Yes I know this was re-called. But it was recalled because parents were not using it properly or responsibly. We just need to make sure that we use it the right way, on the floor. And supervise your baby! So with that said... both of my kiddo's LOVED the bumbo and it's definitely a must-have around here! It's a great place to sit the baby.. it gives them a different view and perspective, while letting you have a few minutes to have your lap free. Just be sure that your baby is at least 3.5+ months old and has good head/neck control before using this! And please, for the love of coke, don't put it on a high surface or leave your baby unattended while inside of it!
{easton - 3.5 months}

Activity mat. 
These things are awesome. I start using them when baby is around 2.5 months old. At first, they can only handle a few minutes at a time, because it can be too much stimulation for a small baby. All the sounds and colors are kinda nuts for them. But it really helps to keep them entertained, and not only that - it helps the develop their motor skills. Bennett and Easton both used this one and this is where they discovered their hands, and that they could actually grab the little toys hanging from above. It's really neat to watch!
{easton - 4 months}
Pack n' play.
I didn't have one of these with Bennett, and we did perfectly fine. But we were also in a small apartment and he was my only child. With Easton, we live in a bigger house, so it's helpful to have something portable I can lay him in downstairs, not to mention - it keeps him out of reach from big brother. Oh and I feel kind of ashamed to admit it, but we use it in lieu of a crib at night. Bennett is still in a crib and I refused to buy another one - so East gets to sleep in the pack n' play until we're ready to transition Bennett to his "big boy" bed. Who knows when that will be. LOL. Needless to say, the pack n' play has really come in handy!!
The first two photos were when we had it downstairs, and the two on the right are him sleeping in it beside our bed.

Or an exercauser, or something like that. I got this jumparoo from a local consignment store for a steal of a deal. As soon as Easton started liking to "stand up" and his head and neck control was good - I started plopping him into the jumparoo. He loves it. It lets him bounce and work out his leg muscles and give mommy a little independence for a bit.
{easton - 4 months}

One piece zippy sleepers.
My boys basically live in these things. Seattle is a chilly place to live 9 months out of the year so these are awesome. I love that they zip up, as opposed to button up. It's much easier for middle of the night diaper changes or what have you. And the traction feet on these are great so once they start pulling themselves up on things (usually between 8-10 months) they won't slip! I believe these are a mix of costco and carters brand.

Plastic backed bibs.
When baby starts eating solids, you'll want these.  Babies are messy eaters, especially in the beginning when they are first getting the hang of it. And I don't know about you, but I don't like changing my kids' outfits a hundred times a day. It's just a nuisance. So these bibs are awesome because 1) they are huge, so they offer full frontal coverage (he he he) and 2) they are lined with plastic on the back so the mess doesn't seep through to their clothing. I found these ones at Walmart in a pack of like 5 for $4 or something. I win.
{easton - 5 months}

 ...to be continued...

Tell me, what are some of your favorite infant essentials?


dany said...

I agree on all fronts, although I didn't shell out the cash for a video monitor (but really wanted to & probably will next time around since we won't have nearly as much to buy!) one other (kinda big) thing that I used constantly was our rocking chair. this is another thing we used so much that I'll likely shell out some extra cash next time around to get a really comfy, cushy one that's good on my bum bc I spent SOO much time in it the first year or so. great list! :)

Mindi @ Simply Stavish said...

Great list! I would have to say my go to item is my ergo carrier and still is!