30 November 2012

Easton is 8 months!!

Here we are. Another month has gone by, and my baby is that much closer to being ONE year's old. (insert big sigh here). So I almost didn't post this months update, because I have just had so much going on this past few weeks. I've been drained. But... I couldn't help it. I need to keep on top of this. It's way too easy to forget the little things that the kids are doing. Especially when they are babies. So, I'm here to document what little mister has been up to this past month.

Oh and have you noticed that all of his "monthly" pictures are of him in his jam jams? LOL. Gosh, we're lazy. Pretty much never get dressed. 
{compare to 7 months}

Well this last month has been rough, I won't lie. Little dude got a gnarly cold and he was miserable for weeks. Snot for days, and was hacking and coughing non-stop. I felt so bad for him!! On top of that, he is teething like a maniac. His top gums are so swollen... hoping a tooth(s) pop through soon. It's really hard to see your baby upset and not feeling well!

He's wearing mostly all 9 month clothing now. I kind of feel like his growth is slowing down a little because he's fitting into things for a lot longer and doesn't feel a lot heavier than he was a couple of months ago! I guess we won't truly find out until his 9 month check up in December. Speaking of check up's, I will be starting the process of finding a new pediatrician for my kids. And a new OBGYN for me. Currently, we see a family practitioner/OBGYN and we love her. She has been with me through both of my pregnancies and has delivered both the boys. I am SO SO SO sad to leave her. But the hospital (Swedish Hospital) she is affiliated is driving me insane. We have had major billing mix ups and issues with them since Easton's birth. I have spent countless hours on the phone with multiple departments trying to get things cleared up, it's been a nightmare. I just can't see wanting to do business with them anymore. I can't go through this every time we have a doctor visit. Ugh. Hope I find a new doctor I like soon.

Okay back to this dude. ^^ I swear he gets cuter by the day. And a new development? He gives KISSES now! It's the sweetest thing. If you pucker your lips and say "Easton, kisses!!" He'll lean in and give you a big open-mouth, wet, sloppy kiss. And sometimes? He'll grab your face while he's doing it. It melts my heart.

He's can sit up on his own from a laying down position now. And he's trying really hard to crawl. He gets up on his hands and knees and rocks back and forth for a few seconds, and then he attempts to scoot forward. He usually falls at the point, but he gets right back up. He's determined and I imagine it won't be long before he figures it out!

He's eating baby foods a lot now. He likes sweet potatoes, bananas, chicken & rice, mangos, apples, and flavored puffs & baby mum mum's. He's also holding his own bottle now when he eats. Mr. Independent. If he even sees a bottle, he freaks out until you give it to him.

Let's talk about breastfeeding for a minute.
{are you kidding me with this face? and those lips!!}
I have been very open about my plans about breastfeeding this little one. Obviously, it's something that I love doing, and I am and always will be so so so glad that I did it. But I had made the decision that I would have Easton completely weaned by the time he was 8 months old. And folks, I stuck to my guns. I exclusively breastfed him for over seven months (and pumped for 5 of those months). And right after I wrote his 7 month post, I started cutting out feedings every week. Ad now we are down to only night feedings. H will probably be completely weaned within the week.

I can tell you right now, that I'm tearing up as I'm typing this. Although ultimately, this is what I want, it's also very difficult for me to let it go. Easton and I have a very special bond, and I love sharing that with him. But I desperately want my body back. Not to mention, he is so needy & clingy with me, that I think by weaning him, it will encourage a little more independence from me. At least I'm hoping it will. He's plowing through my frozen stash, so I really hope I pumped enough! If not, I suppose I will start feeding him table food a little early -- and as a last resort, will give him formula if needed. (not that formula is bad at all! i just want to avoid spending the money!) :-)


It's been a beautiful journey, and I have felt privileged & proud to have provided for my son (both of them!) by breastfeeding. But alas, it's time for the next chapter!

He's still sleeping in the pack n' play in his room, but if you read my last post, you know that Bennett is now officially done with the crib. So that means the little guy will finally get a "real bed"! We just need to move the crib over and he will be all set. Hopefully he likes it :-) I just couldn't love my little Easton any more if I tried. He has truly been a blessing in our family.


Lauren Vaughan said...

he has the sweetest, biggest blue eyes. such a cutie pie!!

Molly said...

Eight months of BF is great, mama! You have to follow your heart/gut with these things.

Easton is SUCH a cutie pie. He makes me want another baby :)

Unknown said...

I teared up reading the weaning part. Oh gosh I can't imagine. I'm dreading it yet this last week with Callie teething has been a horrendous experience while breastfeeding. Talk about wiggle worm. I'm anxious to get my body back as well but can't imagine weaning. Ugh....good for you!

Happy 8 months Easton!!

Anonymous said...

Being from Canada the phrase "do business with that hospital" is so foreign to me. I am sad that you have to leave a provider you love because of administrative "stuff". We are very lucky.

On another note... Easton is adorable. I LOVE that look in the second last picture. xo

ADSchill said...

What a sweetie! I love that face!

Shelly :) said...

Have you found a new doctor? I love my OBGYN and the office he practices in also does family practice and pediatrics. They practice at Valley Medical Center which is where I delivered and have only great things to say about them. :)