08 November 2012

Our dynamic as a family of 4.

When Philip and I were first married, the idea of having children seemed so far off. Like, it wasn't even on my radar. I'm not exactly sure what changed, but after we'd been married about a year, we both decided it was time to start thinking about kids, and then not much later, we got pregnant with Bennett. Go figure. ha ha. But I really didn't have a hard time seeing us with a baby. Sure we'd need time to get used to the little human we brought into our lives, but I never questioned what life would be like.

Well after Bennett was born, it really didn't take long adjust and we quickly fell into a routine. Everything just kind of fit.

Skip ahead to my pregnancy with Easton. I really struggled with things for a little while. We were such a happy family of 3 and things were so settled and easy. I knew 100% that we were supposed to have another child and I never questioned it, but I just had a difficult time envisioning what our life would be like as a family of 4. So many questions.

I will admit that when we first brought Easton home, I may have had a melt down or two. Or maybe three. Even with him out of my womb and in my arms, I still really felt confused as to how he was going to fit into our lives. I think it was tough because Bennett has such a strong personality and really demands so much time & attention, that I couldn't imagine how I'd split my time and how our family would adjust.

But, we did. I got to know my baby & things got better. And now?? I can't imagine our lives without 2 kids. And it's interesting to see how the dynamic of our family has changed over the last few years.

Philip. Known around here as Dadda. Philip is the provider & supporter. My Husband works hard to provide for our family. He has been so encouraging and supportive of me as a stay-at-home-mom. And since I've opened my photography business, he's been 100% supportive of that as well, watching the kids in the evenings and on the weekends so that I can keep my business running. Don't know what I'd do without him! He's also the comedian of the family. If you know Philip, you know that he's always cracking a joke, making up silly songs, or making funny sounds to make the boys giggle. He keeps things interesting, that's for sure. And he also is there to enforce. When Bennett is wildy out of control and needs some hardcore "talking to"... that is when Dad steps in. We're all so lucky to have him.

Mandy. Referred to around here as Mama. I fall into your stereotypical role of "The Nurturer". And you know what? I'm totally fine with that. I love my babies more than anything and I will always be there for them. I'm also the realistic one in the household. I contribute the level-headedness when it comes to decisions that need to be made (although Philip might not agree with that, ha!). Currently, I'm working harder to be more of a disciplinarian. Since I'm the one home with the boys 5 days a week by myself, I really want to make sure that they understand their boundaries.

Philip and I both have very strong personalities, but somehow we work well together (usually. i mean, let's be real, we have our disagreements). We're both opinionated people, but I think that it all evens out. Because even though I have strong opinions -- I have a filter, and tend to hold back quite a bit more, so that gives me the ability to reign in my Husband when he's stepping over the line. ;-)

And together, we made these two beautiful children, that couldn't be more different!

Bennett (the toddler). Strong willed, life of the party! Bennett is the rowdy one around here. He's pretty much the energizer bunny. He will go & go & go. He's always coming up with silly little dance moves, and fun things to do. Always climbing and "figuring" things out. I both love and hate this. lol. He's definitely an entertainer and loves to laugh and make everyone else laugh, too. It's contagious. But this kid? He's stubborrrrrrrrn. He gets that from both his Father and I. Bennett is super strong-willed, which I think will end up being a virtue for him later if he can learn to apply it to his strengths. I can already tell that he's going to be the "class clown", hopefully it won't get him in too much trouble, though ;-). Beyond all of that, though, he's the sweetest little boy ever, always wanting to help out however he can. He gives hugs & kisses so freely and he enjoys a good cuddle. Love him so so much!

Easton (the baby). Little Mama's boy, that's for sure. He loves me so much and I love that about him. BUT it can be tough when I need to get things done and all he wants is for me to hold him. What I love about Easton, is that he balances everything out. For the most part, he's super mellow and easy going  (in contrast to his big brother). He sleeps really well, which makes life easier, and is an insanely happy baby. He brings a joy into our home that is invaluable. He seriously lights up a room just by being present. He has a comforting spirit about him, it makes me feel like everything is going to be OK. One look at this baby and all is right with the world.

So that's our dynamic right now!! It will be interested to see how this all changes in the coming months & years!!


xxdeenaxx said...

aww :] your kids are adorable <3

molly said...

Oh yes, the dynamic of four instead of three is definitely different and takes a while to transition. But pretty soon you don't know anything else!

Courtney K said...

Bennett and Noah sound a lot a like. Noah's the clown around here, too. He's got the sweetest little personality and he loves to give hugs and kisses, but he's so hard headed! He does all kinds of goofy little things to make us giggle, but he's 110% boy; no question. Sounds like you guys have fallen into a new normal. :)

Love, Chelsea said...

Oh man, I sure do like this family! What a good looking crew to boot! :) I love what you said about Easton making you feel like everything is going to be ok. I can't wait to feel more adjusted to this family of four thing, we are on our way!

Renee Anderson said...

So good to read! Our 2nd boys due in a few weeks and i'm terrified of how things will change and how Lachy's going to react! Thanks so much for the post!

Lea said...

A wonderfully dynamic family!

Jenna said...

It's pretty wonderful how everything seems to fall into place! Our second baby was such a mellow baby as well and it's such a blessing, given the energy of her older sister! I couldn't imagine it any other way!

Courtney B said...

Loved this post and I loved getting to know your sweet family even more! If only we lived close to each other... I know we'd be the BEST of friends :)