12 November 2012

Pinterest - I got you! {thanksgiving banner}

Yep. I'm back this week with another project under my belt. This one was super easy! When I saw this banner on Pinterest, I was pretty stoked. The awesome thing is that Shanty Chic provides the banner letters free for download, so that's taken care of already. All I had to do was buy the rest of the supplies and throw it together!

So here's what you need:

  • Paper to print the banner letters. I used a creme colored card stock.
  • A different color craft paper or card stock for a background/border. I bought a pack of card stock with assorted colors. It's pretty because they are fall colors and the cardstock is metallic, so it's pretty and shimmery. (although you can't tell in these photos!)
  • Scissors  (duh!)
  • Twine 
  • Clothes Pins
  • Adhesive (double sided tape or glue)
And that's all you need. So first just cut out your letters, then tape/glue them onto the cardstock. I wouldn't recommend using a glue stick, though. That's what I did, and the bottom of the triangles bend up a little bit. Use tape if you can!

Then, cut around your letter. String up your twine and clothes pin your letters on!


I was originalyl going to hang this down by my fireplace, but quickly realized that my toddler wasn't going to keep his little paws off of it, and would probably eventually pull it down and ruin it. So I opted to hang it up higher.

I really liked the way it turned out. It's decorative for fall/thanksgiving and so easy to make. The best part is I can reuse it! So that was my Pinterest project for the week! Will be back with another one next week :-)

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kara-kae james said...

SO CUTE!!! I love that you had to hang it so high out of the way of grabby hands ;)

Julie Rogers said...

LOVE this idea and it's FREE!!! Thanks for sharing:)


Love, Chelsea said...

Too cute!