27 November 2012

Tidbits & catching up!

I was looking back over the last few weeks, realizing that I have hardly written anything. I mean, I have been "posting", but I've really gotten away from writing about the things I really care about, you know, the important things. Truth is, I just haven't had any time whatsoever to sit down and write.

I miss it. If you'd like to keep up with us a little better, come find us on Instagram!

But until I can get a grip on life and start blogging a little more, I will just leave you with some tidbits!

● The last couple of weeks, I've been living in some sort of bubble. Both of the kids were sick, and I was sick. And Easton, well he's teething and his entire temperament has changed. I hardly even recognize him anymore. He went from being the easiest, happiest baby on the block -- to a clingy, needy, cry-if-he-isn't-being-held almost 8 month old. I will tell you, it's exhausting!! Wait, back up, Easton is almost 8 months!! I think this might be the first month that I skip his "8 month" post. We'll see!

● Well then there was Thanksgiving! Can't believe that has come and gone already! We made a simple meal that consisted of ham, potatoes, salad and bread. My sister-in-law and her kiddos joined us, which was awesome! Love spending time with family. Then later that day, my best friend Kiara came over with her family. It really was a perfect way to end the day. This year was low key, and it was exactly what I needed!

Here are a couple photos from the day. I have been slacking on the picture taking, as usual.

● What else... hmm. Bennett started swimming lessons! I took him for his first lesson and at first, he was a little apprehensive, but as soon as he got in the water, the smile never left his sweet face! He had a blast doing the water activities and playing the games. He gets to go every Monday & Wednesday evening for 30 minute class, looking forward to helping him develop his water skills :)

This is him last night after we got home. He went to bed with no fighting. He was tuckered out. P.S. He's officially kicked the crib to the curb. My almost 3 year old is finally in his bed for good! Post about that *hopefully* coming soon :-)

● Christmas decorating is in full swing! My Mom has handed me down quite a bit of her decorations, and I've been going crazy. Full post on decor coming soon, probably. lol. Here's a sneak peak :-)

● Oh oh! And! I'm joining up with some other awesome ladies for a Jingle Bell Rock Blog Hop! There will be a link up every week, featuring things like Christmas treats, Decor, Stocking stuffer ideas, Christmas party fashion, and Holiday cards! There will also be some pretty sweet giveaways, so be sure to follow along with us!

● And lastly for today, have you entered the Shabby Apple giveaway yet? If not, go do it now! You could win $50 to spend on something awesome to wear!


Tara said...

yay for Bennett kicking the crib! :)

hope you are able to get more free time soon!

Anne U @ hot coffee mama said...

Wow, I feel like that has been my life too, me and the kiddos have been sick most of this month, it's going around. I so want to put Lucy in swimming lessons, so she can save me if I drown, cause I can't really swim. Blog hop looks like a lot of fun.

Jess Craig said...

you have some cute kids!

Kiara Buechler said...

In honor of your Shabby Apple giveaway, today I wore the dress I won from your last giveaway with them. It looks a little ridiculous on my big ol belleh. I will send you a pic :-)

Jenna. said...

Cranky babies definitely take a toll on a mama! Hang in there, and I'll try and do the same. Haha.
Your pictures are always so wonderful. Um... saying that, I'm actually not even sure I've taken more then a handful of pictures of my girls this month. Ooops!