31 December 2012

Easton is 9 months!!

It's true. This little dude is 9 months old! (On December 30th!). The fact that we are just 3 months shy of his first birthday is really creeping me out right now. I'm actually pretty obsessed with babies (specifically between the ages of 3-10 months), so as much as I love watching Easton grow, it's hard to watch the months slip away so quickly.
{compare to 8 months}

9 month stats:
Weight: 19lbs (39th percentile)
Height: 28 1/2" (55th percentile) 

If you compare these stats to his 6 month post, his growth has slowed down a TON! He has only gained 1/2 pound in the last 3 months. I guess he had a growth spurt early on and now he's sort of plateauing. Will be interesting to see his stats when he turns one!

This last month was a big one. Baby E is officially crawling, has been for weeks! Gone are the days when I could sit him down and he's still be there when I came back. He loves to wander around and check stuff out. He has a great time chasing Bennett around, though he never catches him. ;-)

He's super cute when he crawls, but now I have to be a lot more aware of what is on the ground. More specifically, what the Toddler might be dropping him behind him, darn those choking hazards.  He's still wearing mostly 9 month clothing, and some 12 month. I still have yet to buy anything new for him, he is just getting all of Bennett's hand-me-downs, which is totally fine with me. The seasons are lining up perfectly.

He's over his cold, which is fabulous because his entire 7th month was miserable. He's pretty much back to being the happy baby we all know and love.

He continues to be a champion sleeper. His schedule has changed a little big lately. He gets up for the day around 7:15 and takes his first nap sometime between 9:30-12. Second nap falls around 2-4. Then he's in bed for the night around 7pm. I am so thankful that he's pretty much always been a good sleeper, we have been so so so blessed. Oh and another big milestone!.... we finally transitioned Bennett into his toddler bed, and moved the crib into Easton's room. My little one finally has a "real" bed to sleep in. It was about dang time. No more pack n' play ;-)

Let's talk about breastfeeding for a quick second. Easton completely weaned at about 8 months 1 week. We have been plowing through my frozen stash so he's still getting breastmilk for most all of his feedings. He's eating 2 servings of baby food a day. He will eat pretty much anything we give him, with the exception of peas, he doesn't seem to be a fan of them.

Easton loves to sit down and look at books & play with toys (totally opposite from Bennett). I am really hoping that he always enjoys these kinds of activities, because with his energetic older brother's inability to sit and focus on anything for longer than 2 minutes, it will be nice to have a more mellow child to balance it all out. He also loves peek-a-boo, "get you!", and singing songs.

Easton is super laid back and fun-loving. He will smile at the drop of a dime and giggles his little head off over the tiniest little things. He gives wet sloppy kisses that melt my heart, and he is a genuinely happy baby.

Nicknames: Easty, East, Easteroni, Honey bear, Boo Face & Eat-E (<~~~ how bennett says his name)

Happy 9 months angel!!! I love you!


Danni Meyers said...

He is such a cute/happy little boy! Happy 9 months Easton!

Renee said...

Wow, times gone fast!! He's just getting more gorgeous though!!

Kiara Buechler said...

Such a snuggle bug. I am totally freaked out that his birthday is in three months, even more so than the boys turning three in a few weeks.

The Adventures of Curly Tot said...

OMG he's so so cute! Happy 9 months, Easton!