12 December 2012

Christmas Decos & a printable!

I don't know about you, but decorating for Christmas is one of my favorite things to do. Growing up, my Mom went ALL out at Christmas time. Multiple Christmas trees, nativities, snowmen, garlands, wreaths, big huge snow village, outdoor and indoor lights.... anything and everything you could think of!

I have been lucky enough to inherit many of my Mom's Christmas decorations from my childhood. I've loved putting up the things that she's given me, it brings back so many fond memories.

So the decor you are about to see is a mixture of hand-me-downs from my Mom, a few things I've made, and some things I've purchased.

So before I jump into the tour... have you decorated this Christmas?? If so, take some pics, write a blog post and come back here to link up!! I'd LOVE to see what your house looks like all jazzed up!

Okay here we go!

This year's Christmas tree!

Elf -- handed down from my Mom

 {handprint ornament tutorial can be found HERE}

The Nativity was a gift from my Mother-in-law. And I made the NOEL blocks :-)

This snow village was my Mom's when I was growing up. This is only about 1/4 of what she has!!

This Santa Collection was also my Mom's!
I made the Christmas trees on the left, inspired by Pinterest of course. They were super easy and I have stuff to make a bunch more next year!

I got this advent calendar from Zulily! I absolutely love it! It's so fun to put little treasures in here for Bennett.

 The above print is one that I designed a few weeks ago! I was inspired by all of the subway art I'd been seeing on Pinterest. I had it printed at Mpix.com and I am really happy with how it turned out! I have included a link for you to download it! Who doesn't love a free Christmas printable! :-)

Linking up with AP at ILYMTC Blog for Hey that's Pin-tastic

Hope you have enjoyed the little tour of my Christmas decorations!! I'm dying to see what you've all done to spruce up your homes this Holiday season! 


Southern Wifey said...

i love all your christmas decorations! especially the nativity scene. I actually just asked my mom to get me the Willow Tree one too! and loving the free printable, now if I could just find a place to hang it in my house ;)
the sweet life of a southern wife

Kiara Buechler said...

I really love that Nativity. Do you have any idea where she got it?

Molly said...

It all looks lovely, Mandy!

Sara @ Our Life Blog said...

beautiful decorations!!

amy@agoodlife said...

so much cute stuff! LOVE that advent calendar :)

Kara @ Just1Step said...

I know it's not part of the Christmas decorations, but I love your clock. :)

Meagan said...

Beautiful! I LOVE that Santa collection. My mom collects Santas and has an insane amount in her house. I'm kind of following in her footsteps. :) They're just so much fun! Where is your Nativity with the noel blocks? Is it up high? It looks great!

Elise Michele said...

I love the Truck on Over Invitation and my favorite product from Infantino is the Sash Mei Tai carrier. The product I'd pick from Tres Bien is the Personalized Sailboat Onesie, my charge would look SO cute in it!

Elise Michele said...

Stella & Dot Wishlist:
-On The Mark necklace
-Lindsay Bangle in Turquoise
-Hope Bracelet
-Robin Bracelet
-Stackable Band Rings
-Sidewinder Rings

I've never seen anything from Stella & Dot.
Everything was really cute!

Sylvia Cook Photography said...

Yes, I do recognize quite a bit of those decorations! They look good in your place, I'm glad they found a nice new home:)

Meagan Bailiff said...

My favorite item from Pretty Paper Parties is the Chalkboard holiday card Merry & Bright with photo! So cute!
If I had a tiny baby I'm sure my favorite item from infantino would be the mai tai carrier!
From Tres Bien I'd get the mermaid shirt for my daughter in a size 6.

Also, I love your decorations! you are so creative!

Sam Ellison said...

I love your Santas and snow village (we call it Christmastown in our house! hehe).

Your Santa collection reminds me of playing blind-man's bluff at my best friend's house in junior high. Her mom had a table full of Santas and when the "blind" person got near it, we'd yell "SANTAS!" to warn them not to run into it. hehehe