27 December 2012

Reflecting back on 2012!!

2012 has been a year to remember.

I started off 2012 with a workspace remodel. We had just moved into our house and the office was a disaster. It was a much needed renovation! We also had lots of snow!! Which was really fun for Bennett! It was the first year that he really got to go out and play in it! The only downside to all of the snow was that I had to shoot a wedding in it. That particular wedding made the news, go figure!

Also at the beginning of 2012, it started to really sink in that I was going to be having another BABY! It was time that I truly acknowledged his existence. No sooner did I have that realization, my oldest baby turned TWO! We had a Toy Story themed birthday party with family and close friends, it was perfect.

I was a couple of months away from my due date and started talking about pregnancy non-stop. My brain dumps consisted of things like finally address the commonly asked question: "Are you excited to be having another boy?!" <---the answer to that was YES! :-) And expressing my concern and worries about sharing my time & how I'd handle two kids. I had a little confessional about pregnancy, and then realized that my due date was right around the corner and it was time to start thinking about a name for our little guy.

I had the pleasure of helping plan and organize a little PNW girls night out. It's always awesome to see my favorite bloggy ladies in person! A few weeks after that I had the absolute privilege of attending a campaign rally for Mitt Romney. It was amazing to see him in person, he's a wonderful guy!
 So here we are in March! Just weeks away from meeting Chiappini Baby #2, and I was quite hormonal. I stayed pretty busy for those few weeks, and then, 12 days early, on March 30th 2012.... Easton Michael was born.

Springtime rolled around and I shared Easton's newborn photos, as well as the story behind his name. Life was a little hectic with a toddler running a muck, and a brand new nursing baby. But as far as my post-partum recovery, it was going pretty well, all things considered.

In May, I wrote some emotional posts about The One That Made Me a Mother, and the challenge I was having trying to get to know my new baby, realizing, that he is a different baby than Bennett was. Also in May? Bennett got a buzz cut and Easton turned 2 months old!

June started off with a bang! I attended the PNW blogger meetup in Portland, which by the way, was a blast! Bennett become Warby Parkers newest child model (j/k)! And toward the end of the month, Easton turned 3 months old, and I was feeling a bit defeated by my unruly toddler, and I also decided that I wasn't going to push potty training on Bennett.

July started with some extremely sweet & tender moments, that reminded how precious my two little boys are! Philip and I celebrated our 5 year anniversary, and we enjoyed our first Independence Day as a family of 4! The middle of the month brought about a more giggly side of Easton, he was becoming more and more like a little human. At the same time, I was stuggling with letting my toddler grow up.

I had some exciting news to share in August! I am going to be an Auntie to a little nephew!! Also in August, life with two little kids was getting easier, that was about the time things started to feel "normal" again. I shared my plans concerning breastfeeding, and Bennett started speech therapy. The end of this month brought the realization that I should appreciate every single little thing about having a little baby, because East could my last.

In September, Philip and Bennett went to Idaho to visit family. So it was just me and little one for a week. As soon as P & B got back from Idaho, we officially moved Easton into his own room. Mid-month, I had a terrifying experience and landed in the ER. Won't soon forget that.

I decided to start cloth diapering Easton. To this day, I'm still very happy with this decision! Soon after that, Easton turned six months old!! And I provided a little update about Bennett's speech therapy.

Being around a lot of other Mother's in the blogosphere, I was feeling a lot of judgement about random subjects, so I got on my high horse for a moment and talked about the importance of being kind to one another. On a side note, I decided to write "100 things about me"... so if you're interested, here you go. ;-) Okay moving right along... it was almost Halloween, so I took the boys to a pumpkin patch and dressed Easton up in Bennett's old Lion costume. It was the cutest thing ever. Also the end of the month? I attended a Graco Event for Bloggers. Totally enjoyed myself and walked away with a pretty sweet new carset. Oh and East turned 7 months old!

The beginning of November brought on election time. I decided to stay out of most of the debates, but did feel the need to mention that even though we may all feel differently about certain issues -- we need to respect each other. Also in November, we were settled as a family of four, and it's fun to look at how the dynamic has changed. We had a pretty low key but awesome Thanksgiving, too bad we were all sick. Ha ha. Big news, this month, we finally transitioned Bennett out of his crib! Only the "big boy bed" for this almost 3 year old! Better late than never :-) November 30th, Easton turned eight months!

And here we are in December!! It's been an awesome and busy month! I made Easton's handprint ornament to celebrate his first Christmas! I bought my ticket to BlissDom 2013!! YAY! Philip and I had the opportunity to go on a fabulous date together, where we played tourists in Seattle, ate great food and went to the Nutcrakcer Ballet! I also attempted to take some photos of the boys... didn't go as planned but was cute none-the-less ;-)

My nephew decided to make his debut a few weeks early, it was perfect timing after the tragedy stuck in Newtown, CT, and shook my to my core. I'm thankful to have had Christmas to celebrate right after that devastating shooting, it allowed me to reflect on what was really important. Plus? I made a pact with myself to start taking more pictures of the boys with my REAL camera.

And we'll finish off the year, with Easton turning 9 months! Can't believe it!

I'd say it's been a pretty awesome year!! My family has been blessed beyond measure.


Jamie said...

What a great recap. You take gorgeous pictures.

Kiara Buechler said...

Love you guys! Happy end of 2012!

Anne U @ hot coffee mama said...

What a crazy fun year...you two look so cute in that black and white shot.

Cheryl Enlow said...

Adorable! You have such a beautiful family Mandy!

Sarah [NurseLovesFarmer.com] said...

It's so wonderful seeing your beautiful family grow on your blog. Thanks for sharing and happy new year!

Linny said...

What an exciting year you have had! Love the big hats picture, what a fun time!

Heather @ Cookies For Breakfast said...

Okay now I'M stopping by from the Blissdom page and holy moly, I just got lost in your blog and I'm loving it. Your photos are gorgeous! I'm going to poke around here some more and keep my fingers crossed that you have some photography tutorials :-) And how did you get such an amazing photo of your son's birth? We had a photo nightmare when Ben was born and I've sworn to never let that happen again.

Fabulous post - great way to get to know you! :)

Dina Lettre said...

What a glorious year, Mandy! Hope 2013 is wonderful, too. XO!