05 December 2012

This is why I blog. And why I'm going to #BlissDom13!!

I mentioned several months ago that I was torn about attending a blog conference, or even which one to attend. A lot of people I've talked to, have no idea what a blog conference even is, and why the heck would I go to it?

A while back, I wrote a post explaining where my blog is now, and I where I see it headed. I hope I did a good job at expressing what my blog truly means to me. This is my little corner of the internet. This blog is where I'm inspired to take better photos, be a better wife & mother, and dive head first into Pinterest crazed DIY projects. This is where I can express feelings of Motherly inadequacy & triumphs, and in return, receive an outpour of support and advise. This is where I can babble on about my little kids and you all humor me by telling me how simply adorable they are. This is a place that I can step on my soapbox from time to time and tell you about the things I'm passionate about. This is a place that I hope you can come and feel comfortable, and inspired.

I recently received this message:
"This really random, out-of-the-blue message is to say thank you for your blog and specifically, for being so honest/transparent about breastfeeding. Our sweet boy is seven weeks old and we're still struggling big time with this nursing business despite multiple trips to Lactation Consultants, Support Groups, you name it. 

Without going into specific details that you didn't ask for, I just wanted to say thanks for what you've written on the topic. Your posts (and those you link to) help keep me motivated to keep trying despite the pain and frustration. It's totally possible we won't be able to do this much longer, but having resources like you have been a big part of why we've made it this far.

I know that receiving "thank yous" isn't the reason you write about mommy-issues, but I wanted to let you know that you really are helping those of us still finding our way. So thank you."

THIS. This is why I blog. When I receive messages & e-mails like this, it makes me feel like this little blog is worth while, not just for me and my family, but for you. I love and appreciate the time that my readers take to get to know me personally, and to reach out to me.

I hope that I can make an effort to do that as well! I am inspired every single day. Your blogs are keeping me fresh, and on my game. They keep me wanting to do better. And most important, it's the people behind the blogs that mean the most to me! I have made wonderful, lifelong friends. The kind of friends that go way beyond "blog friend", but that have stepped into my life on a much deeper level. I have grown to love so many of you!

So back to why I want to attend a blog conference.

I have decided to attend BlissDom 2013. It will be held in Dallas from March 21-23. I will attend sessions that will cover things like Business, Marketing, Writing, Story telling, Life Development, Photography... and SO MUCH MORE. These classes are designed for bloggers in all stages of life. The idea is that we will have the opportunity to be inspired, and to learn and grow in the key aspects of our lives, so that we can better reach out to our readers. I want to explore all facets of this community, and I want to be more effective in how I come across.

Gonna Get My Bliss On And of course, I would love to meet some other awesome bloggers from across the nation. Are you going?! If you are, let me know and we'll meet up when we're in Dallas!! Okay, but seriously, the social aspect of this is kinda nerve-wracking. I wouldn't consider myself to be a shy person, but to be honest, I won't know THAT many people going. And in large groups of people where I don't know anyone, I tend to keep to myself. But the idea of going to a blog conference is to grow as a person. And so I specifically chose to go to Blissdom because I won't have a large group of people there that I know personally, so it will force me out of my comfort zone. And I think that is a really good thing.

Oh and I wanna give a shout out to my roomies! I will be living it up for 3 days with Meagan, Mindi & Sarah!!! I have been blog stalking them for years now and I can't believe I will get to meet them in person! It's going to be surreal and amazing. Hope they don't mind I'm a bed hog. ;-)

I appreciate all of your support! ♥


The Java Mama said...

I'm going and I live in the area so give me a shout out! You'll be fine!!! :)

Molly said...

Yay, Mandy. I'm still thinking about it. I had a ticket last year but had to sell it due to a death in the family.

I hope to maybe see you there.

p.s. I blog for the connections with people too. It's amazing!

Lea also known as "CiCi" said...

Oh, I really should plan to attend Blissdom. I'm only 5 hours from Dallas and what a fun time. And, I would love learning more about blogging. I'm so glad you are going. Christmas blessings!

Tara said...

what a fabulous message to have received! That is great! I will have to remember your breastfeeding posts for the very near future! I'm due in a month) I'm all ears if you wanna chat about breastfeeding or new mommy stuff! (going to be a first time mom here!!!)

have fun at the conference! I would love to go sometime!

The Best of Both Worlds said...

I hope to one day go to a blog conference. I'm not in the big leagues yet haha. I love your blog. It was one of the first I followed and continue to read because I feel I can relate!