21 February 2013

Shoes, Sunshine, Sickies & Sessions.

You know what? I don't normally like bullet point posts, because it feels like kind of a cop out. But in reality, do you or I really need a long drawn out post about each random detail in my life? Probably not.

There's been a lot going down around here. So here is the summarized version:

● I ordered a few pairs of TOMS from Zulily yesterday. They had a 35% off sale going on and it was so popular that it crashed their website and infuriated thousands of Mom's everywhere when they realized that the size/color of shoe was out of stock by 6am. lol. Luckily,  Zulily added a bunch of stock and everyone was happy. Including me and my boys' little feeties. Can't wait to get them!

● We had 2 days of awesome weather!! I can not tell you how much Seattlites live for sunny days. We definitely don't take them for granted, that's for sure. We spent a lot of time outside & loved it.

● We are all sick. Again. I can't believe how many times the boys and I have been sick this winter!! It's starting to get ridiculous. Okay it was ridiculous like 3 times ago. Booooo! At least they seem to be in pretty good spirits, regardless of their icky coughs & runny noses. Praying this cold passes quickly.

● The Walking Dead has returned!!! Who else LOVES this show?! I will admit that it's totally out of character for me to like a show like this. I really dislike Zombies, and blood & gore, just not my thing. But this show? This show is so good! The writing is awesome and the stories will blow your mind. Who would've thought that you could get so emotionally invested in a zombie show? lol

● One of my favorite bloggy friends, Lauren, came over for a visit with her little guys! Her boys are pretty much the same age as mine, which is awesome. We didn't get a "toddler picture" but we did manage to get one of the babies. The cute was pretty much out of control! And what makes it even cute is that together, they are Easton and Weston. ;-)

● I have been working a lot! And I've been loving it. I tend to slow way down and not take on as much in the Winter months, because I hate dealing with the wind/rain and perpetually grey skies. But I am starting to take on more shoots and and am booking up through March, so I'm pretty excited!

This is from one of my most recent shoots. I love maternity sessions so much. Do you like the color or B&W better??

So that's a little glimpse of what's been goin' on over here. Tell me, what have you been up to lately?!


Liz Luscomb said...

I like the color picture better! :)

Lindsay Alexis said...

love both those photos. each gives a different dimension, a totally different look. you are an amazing photographer! :)

Becca Moss said...

Love the baby toms!
And I'm a sucker for B&W pictures.

Valerie said...

I absolutely can't wait for it to get warmer here. We need to get out of this house, hard to find things to do with a one year old. Hope everyone feels better soon.

Jennifer said...

Been following for a little bit now and never commented but I had to comment that my husband LOVES The Walking Dead!! I, myself, can't really get into it too much. I don't know why!
I have been experiencing the ridiculousness of this winter as well. Working with kids will do that to ya, I guess.
I love the color version of the picture!

Hope you all feel better soon!

Kara @ Just1Step said...

I think I choose the black and white photo. :)

Tabitha said...

both photos are beautiful, I've always loved B&W though!

Jen said...

both pics are cute. Love the color one.
I saw the Zulily sale too and had to refrain...B just got new Tom's from Grammy.

Shoni said...

Love that shot! I usually like color better, but in this instance, I'm lovin' the b&w. It's almost as if her smile seems even more radiant.

Sarah @ MommyNotes said...

The "model" in the color photo has such a beautiful glow...I like the color one the best :)
We haven't gotten into the Walking Dead, but since EVERYBODY is raving about it...might have to try it :D We actually watched the pilot for the Following last night. Wow. If you can stomach the gore--looks like it's gonna be incredible.

Lea also known as "CiCi" said...

I know so many people who love "Walking Dead" but I've never seen it.

Easton and Weston, how cute is that and how cute are they!!

I like both photos but the b/w is really nice.

Happy week!

cassie said...

I like the color picture better and I hope that no more sickness comes your way for a long time.