12 March 2013

Designing a blog business card

I'm really not much of a "designer". But I do try to put effort into my websites, business cards & other marketing collateral. I couldn't find the time to really design my blog myself the way that I wanted, but am thankful for 17th Avenue Designs for the wonderful job they did! It matches my personality so well.

But recently, I found myself in need of some new business cards for my upcoming trip to BlissDom (I apologize for the excessive BlissDom posts, but it's getting so close so naturally it's on my mind!). In trying to come up with something clever for my business cards, besides the basic info, I realized that I simply just needed to match my cards to my blog, but also add some things in there that I felt really synced well with my personality.

Depending on what type of business card you're designing, the information and layout may vary a little. But for a personal blog business card, here are the basic pieces of info you should include:

  ◌ Blog title
  ◌ Blog URL
  ◌ A quick blurb about yourself/your blog
  ◌ Any social media links (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram...etc)
  ◌ E-mail
  ◌ A photo of yourself

In my opinion, the photo is crucial! When you go to a conference with hundreds, or thousands of people... you will more than likely end up with stacks & stacks of cards. When I'm going through the cards I've collected, and I just see a blog name and URL, it's unlikely I will remember who gave it to me. It's much easier to recognize a face, than a name. Make sure you put your picture on there! Preferably your blogs "welcome" image.

If at all possible, I'd suggest trying to match your card design, to your blog.

I stuck with mostly the same colors and fonts found on my blog, and I incorporated some of the same design elements. Then added a few more decorative elements like the blue ribbon and the round picture with the dotted frame. And last minute, I decided to add some some grey horizontal strips because it matches the background that I use on my photography website. And since my personal blog and my business blog are both such a huge part of me, I figured that it made sense. That, and the fact that I've just got a grey stripey kind of personality.

So after all that, this is what I came up with:


c said...
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Sarah [NurseLovesFarmer.com] said...

These are great! Did you print them yourself?

Sarah Halstead said...

Love them!

Jordan said...

Love that it's simple yet classy!!

Susan said...

I love it--it's adorable!

Amber Dorsey said...

these are so good! where did you print them! I thought about using a photo but I couldn't decide on one I liked enough....Hope folks will remember me anyway!

Lauren Alberts said...

so cute! you are gorgeous my friend.

Lollie Weeks said...

I totally agree - a photo of yourself is crucial!

After my first blogger's conference, as I sorted thru the STACKS of biz cards I had collected, I really came to appreciate those cards with a personal image on them.

Like many others, I'm bad with names, but faces...looking at those cards with mini-portraits I could often recall how we met, details of our conversation, etc.

Ever since then, I have included a photo of myself on my biz cards, including the new ones I just received from Moo.com in preparation for Blissdom next week.

Great post for those doing up their first blogger's business card!

Michelle said...

Those are adorable!

[dianegatorfan] said...

Love your cards! Simple, clean, modern, informative - perfect! Would have loved to go to BlissDom to meet wonderful ladies and mamas like you!

Mindi @ Simply Stavish said...

I love them. They reflect the style of your blog well! Nice job in designing them! :)

Laura said...

Really super cute!!! :)

What program did you use to design them?

Alexandra said...

So pretty!!

Shavonda said...

These are awesome! I love that you have a photo on one side and all your info on the other.

Meg O. said...

Love them!! I just designed mine as well and they should be here any day! I am so excited to get them!

I'll be at Blissdom - hope to meet you!

Tara said...

Love it! Beautiful !