13 March 2013

Husbands be gettin' crafty - Dino Diorama

I'm pretty sure by now, most of you know that our 3 year old has a thing for dinosaurs. Okay that's actually kind of an understatement. The kid is already freakishly obsessed with dinosaurs, so might as well just run with it. He now has dino jammies, dino posters, dino t-shirts, dino shoes, dino movies, a dino backpack... okay you get the idea.

Moving right along...

Thanks to Pinterest, Mothers all around the world are getting craftier than we ever thought possible. Right? We're all chugging right along, making monthly (or weekly) trips to the craft store, collecting all of the items we need for our long list of projects. I'd like to say that my Husband, Philip, is always thrilled about my long queue of pinterest projects, but it just ain't so. He's been known to give me a hard time about how there are better ways to spend my time and money.

But then, sometimes, just sometimes, he'll blow my mind with a little crafty craft of his own. Like the one you see here. I wish I could take credit for this cute little diorama, but alas, the gold star to my dear Husband.

Philip was actually pretty excited about this little project and made special trips to the store just to get the supplies he needed.

He calls it the "Dinorama".

I mean, does it get any cuter than this?? What a fun little craft to do with your kids, right?? And all you need is:

     ○ A box of some kind (even a shoebox will do)
     ○ Construction Paper
     ○ Scissors
     ○ Hot glue or double sided tape
     ○ Miniature Dinosaurs

The rest is pretty self-explanatory.  Just cut and paste/glue/tape and you're all set! But for reference, this box is probably about 8"x6". And the little mini dinosaurs about about 2".


Jenna. said...

That is so genius! Applause for the Mr. I can only imagine how much fun he'll have with his little dinos in there!! :)

Renee said...

Oh that's Awesome!!! (I used to get the same comments about my Pinterest addiction until Hubby signed up too!)

The Best of Both Worlds said...

That's awesome!

Christy Kaiser said...

Awesome! What a wonderful idea! I'll have to pin this...hehe On a related note...check out Dinosaur Train on Netfilx...educational and my son LOVES it.

Brandee said...

So, so cute. We'll try making one too. Thanks so much for sharing!

Chelsea said...

I bet I could totally do a princess one like this for Alea! She would LOVE it! Or maybe one for her farm animals. Thanks for the cute idea!

Adventures with Little man said...

Wow! Major props to your husband. Not only is that a really great idea but it looks awesome!