14 March 2013

Oh Google!! You've gone and done it now.

I'm sure by now you've heard the rumors, comments and backlash regarding Google Friend Connect and Google Reader -- our most beloved way of following blogs.

The rumors are true. Google is rockin' our world with an announcement.

Google Reader and GFC are going away for good, starting July 1st.

So what does this mean for all of us loyal Google Reader users?? It means we need to find a new way of subscribing to our favorite blogs, so we can continue to stalk each other. There are a ton of different readers out there to shift to, but for me and this ol' blog -- we're movin toward Blog Lovin'. I was already all set up over there forever ago but never really read blogs that way. But now I will be.

Here is the link to follow me on Blog Lovin:

I also put one of these little buttons over on my sidebar!
Follow on Bloglovin

If you head over to Blog Lovin' this is what you'll see. It's pretty easy to use, and the nice thing is that you're still able to create groups to put blogs into (i.e. DIY, fashion, mama blogs, cooking, etc...). Oh! And there's a nifty iPhone app for it, too. Plus 2 for Blog Lovin'. :-)

If you  haven't registered on Blog Lovin' yet, you should!! It's a pretty simple and easy way to keep reading your favorites! But darn it, Google, why did you have to do this to us? lol


Jessa said...

Honestly, with a nice app interface, Bloglovin' is far superior to GFC or the Google Reader anyway, so I'm not so unhappy about the move. And it lets me get rid of all those blogs I was following that are no longer interesting/active without the hassle of weeding through them.

ℐ. said...

I have a love hate relationship with Google Reader. Especially when I'm trying to clean out my feeds. I'm still upset that I have to find a new reader as I've never been a huge fan of Bloglovin' but I guess now is the time to start liking it and using it lol. ;P


Meg O. said...

I know there are multiple ways to read blogs, and I have been enjoying bloglovin'. Now it's time to really be in charge of my feed and my subscribers because apparently feedburner is going bye bye too!! Darn you, Google!!

Vicki said...

I never used google reader, but I feel for everyone who loves it! I am on blog lovin' :)

Liz Luscomb said...

I was wondering why I suddenly had a surge is bloglovin followers over the past couple of days!

I'll be honest, this news is very frustrating. Thanks for posting this. :)


Maria S said...

Thanks for the info! Will jump to bloglovin too!

aimymichelle said...

i was so bummed. and mad honestly. i don't like change all that much and this is just disheartening but i'm gonna go with either blog lovin or feedly. not sure which.

Mama Monkey said...

Is that the same as the Blogger Reading List on blogspots dashboard?

Brandee said...

I've been following you on Bloglovin for quite awhile. Think I used Google reader for all of two weeks way back. Everything's just easier to organize over here ;)

Renee said...

Gah that's so annoying!! Thanks for the heads up! Now at least i have some time to get used to something else!

Neely said...

To me this is just a really good way to weed out blogs I no longer read hahaha I suck