04 April 2013

Are bloggers not responding to your comments?

If you're leaving lots of comments and never getting responses, there might be a reason for that!!!

If you're on the blogger platform, and you leave a comment, your comment drops directly into my e-mail. And a lot of times I will try to respond to you directly from my e-mail account, because it's much easier! 

I wrote a post exactly like this years ago, but I think it definitely bears repeating. Especially after the post I wrote yesterday about wanting to connect with my readers! I have been trying to respond to so many of you, but I can't because when I click send, this is what I see:

"noreply-comment@blogger.com" (sorry, nikki, just using you as an example) ;-)

So, sometimes I forget to look at the e-mail and I write an entire response, and then it goes no where. Such a bummer. And then you're sitting on your end, thinking I never replied to you! Bigger bummer.

Here's how you can fix that!!

1. At the top right of your blogger dashboard, you will see your profile and a down arrow, click that. And then click on "Blogger Profile".

2. Top right corner, click "Edit Profile"

3. Make sure the box that says "Show my email address" is clicked ON! And then verfiy your e-mail in the "Identity" section below.

4. And don't forget to scroll all the way down and click "Save" ;-)

From here on out, people (like me!) should be able to respond to your comments directly!!

Hope this helps :)

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Lauren Chudzik said...

Thanks! I had that problem and didn't know how to change it, so thanks for taking the time to let us know how to do it :)

Jenn said...

Great tips Mandy!

Kala said...

TY :)

The Best of Both Worlds said...

Oh I so wanted this but didn't know how to do it! Thanks!!!

Valerie Scott said...

I totally thought I had fixed this once before. That could very well be the problem, I hope I fixed it. Thanks for the reminder Mandy!

Skye said...

it also happens if you had it turned on and then switched to google plus (which turns it off ever so quietly for you - grrrrr) - I really don't care for google plus anyway so I went back to blogger profile and changed it so I now get replies to email. What a pain.

Tabitha said...

Thanks, I actually thought my email was visible but it wasn't.

Tabitha said...

I always wondered why it never let me know when someone replied to my comment.

Sarah [NurseLovesFarmer.com] said...

This was a huge pet peeve when I was on the Blogger platform! Good reminder!

Anonymous said...

Double Checked it is !

Nikki said...

Oops! Haha! I fixed it now!

Lisa Holman of XSBaggage and Co. said...

Oh, hey - thank you! I learned something new today. :)