19 April 2013

Happies & Crappies Vol. 2

I'm summing up this week with Happies & Crappies w/ Stephanie @ Vintage Modern Wife.
This weeks HAPPIES

1. The first week of Mama Memoirs went live, and it has been fantastic reading all of your posts!! You all are so awesome. I don't know how many times I caught myself nodding and saying "me too!!" while reading your posts. It's so nice to be able to relate to so many Mama's out there. I also read some posts that were a little more serious, that pulled on my heart strings a little. You ladies are some amazing writers. So, thank you for linking up! (Also, the linky is still open if you want to add your Mama post to it) :)

2. On Wednesday night, some friends and I had a girls night. And of course, for me, the BEST girls night in the world takes place at a baseball game. I'm sure you expected that since I've talked about how much I love baseball here, here and here. Oh and garlic fries -- need I say more?

3. We had a fun trip to Ikea on Monday (as I mentioned in my Mama Memoir this week!). Got some cool stuff and have our eyeballs on some things I'd like to get in the future. (i.e a bigger bed for Bennett, a new dresser for the master bedroom, a little workbench for the kids)

4. Got to spend time with my little nephew. It's fun to see my boys and their cousin interact. Even though they are all so young, it's fun to see them together. Though, I might not say that in 3 years when they're all getting into mischief together ;-)

This weeks CRAPPIES

1. It has been raining, raining, raining. And raining some more. It's so frustrating because we'll get one nice day with sun and warm weather, and then 7 straight days of icky cold rain. Anyone who lives in Seattle and says the rumors aren't true (about it raining all of the time) is lying or in denial.

2. I was actually feeling kind of icky and nauseous at the beginning of the week (and no, I'm not pregnant! ha ha). So I didn't' go to Rizzmic at all (watch my vlog to find out about Rizzmic). I realize that I've only been a few times in the past week or so, but I was really loving it. So I'm hoping I can pick it back up next week!

3. Bennett came down with a cold, so we've been cooped up inside not only because of the rain, but because he's a snotty mess. Hope he gets better soon. And I hope that no one else in our house gets his cold. That would be miserable.

And that's all I've got for ya right now!! What were your past weeks happies & crappies?

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The Adventures of Curly Tot said...

I'm still in awe of those garlic fries, ha! I'm glad you got to have a fun girls night out. :)

Britney Snyder said...

I hope you are feeling better & get back to your class soon, i know when i exercise and stuff i always feel so much better on the inside. I hope poor Bennett gets to feeling better soon. Your girls night looks a lot like what my kinda girls night would consist of! Great Happies and Crappies post :) I love doing these. Have a good weekend.

Erica Alferez said...

I must try these garlic fries.. look and sound so delicious!!! :)

Erica Dee

Jodi said...

I always think it is funny when people who live in Seattle say it doesn't rain a lot. Like they are trying to downplay the icky weather! Ha! Rain and cold weather is no fun. I think spring is making a slow appearance everywhere this year!

Whitney said...

Garlic fries sound amazing! I love baseball too :) It's so funny-- the only time I went to Seattle it didn't rain!

Anonymous said...

Love the Safeco pic! I can't wait to go to a Mariners game (or 2 or 3!) this year! :)


Skye said...

I would rather be at a baseball game any day of the week! Yankees of course, though, for me :) Once this baby comes (3.5 wks), my husband and I will be getting some tickets for sure. Right now, I have my doubts I could make it from the parking lot to the stadium b/c I get so tired lol. And garlic fries... I need to be able to eat those too! :)
Ikea rocks too - they have the coolest stuff there you can't find anywhere else!