21 May 2013

Bennett's Bedroom Tour!

You may have noticed that I haven't done any "room tours" of Bennett or Easton's rooms. The main reason is because I am a  S L A C K E R  when it comes to designing and decorating. We are just now finishing up with Bennett's room, and he's 3 years old. lol. And don't even get me started on Easton's room.

Part of me wonders if it's even worth it to "finish" their rooms because we're going to have to do more shuffling around in the next year when we eventually combine their stuff into one room. We aren't exactly sure when a good time would be to have the boys share a room, but I know it will be around when Easton turns Two.

So since that's a year away-ish, I decided to at least follow through with a couple of the projects I wanted to do for Bennett's room.

The first thing to note is that his room is a boring beige color. First reason for that is because when we bought the house, Bennett's room was purple and Easton's room was royal blue -- so we just hurried and paint the bedrooms neutral colors before we moved everything in. Second reason is that I'm indecisive when it comes to paint color. So there's that. Beige walls it is. I've actually wanted to paint horizontal stripes in there but the more I get to thinking about it, the more I'm not sure it's worth the hassle. Ya know?

I didn't stick to a theme or any specific matchy color scheme. But I did create what I like to call a "classroom corner" for him, including his very own school desk. :-) I just don't want Bennett to outgrow his room so I chose to keep things basic and simple. Anyway, here's what Bennett's room looks like!

 These first two are panoramic photos I took with my iPhone, so that's why they look a little bit funky! :-)

The only change we'll be making from here on out is switching out Bennett's toddler bed for a twin size bed. Hopefully we'll get around to doing that by the end of the Summer.

What You Saw:

On the floor:
White Expedit shelving unit from Ikea
Lekplats Playmat from Ikea
Desk was found on Craigslist and my Husband refinished it

Hanging on the wall:
Tyrannosaurus Rex Poster I got on Ebay
Alphabet Printable: I designed that and you can download it here
Thought bubble chalk board I got on clearance from Target
The Letter 'B' is from Hobby Lobby & I just painted it with leftover Behr paint we had.
Map of the USA & the Stargazing were free printables from Mr. Printables

On the wall shelf:
Wild & Free sign I got from Zulily
Curious George Books are from Costco
6" Animals of the World Globe is also from Zulily
Paddington Bear was a gift from my in-laws when they were in Europe

The white cubicle shelf:
Dinosaur figurines from Walmart
"Owl Always Love You" - I designed it, not available for download.

And a close up of the wall above his dresser.
Everything you see here are personal items. Except the white alphabet print was a gift, and the sign that says "Those who bring sunshine into the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves" is a free download from Collected Blog.

So that's pretty much it for Bennett's bedroom!! It may not be Pinterest worthy but it ain't no thang. All of the decor was actually pretty cheap and I'm happy with how everything came together!

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Meg O. said...

So cute! I love how boy-ish it feels while not overwhelmingly so! I don't think Kennedy's nursery will ever be done and I still haven't posted pics on my blog, but whatever!! I am okay with that :)

Sarah [NurseLovesFarmer.com] said...

I love his room! You've done a great job...I need to do a better job of Braden's "big boy" room....it's a mish mosh of things!

Anonymous said...

I like it! I love the dinos!I like the wild and free sign and the letter B. He is adorable too!

Lamielle here! said...

I love Bennett's room. It looks really fresh and bright. Perfect for B's persona. Happy little boy. And I love how he smiles in the camera, so cute.

Sarah at Midwest Pillowtalk said...

it looks perfect for him! he seems to love every part of it :) i think its a great room! so fresh!

Ariel @ Dreams To Do said...

I love it! Eclectic and classic at the same time! Love the simplicity. Is it always that clean? ;-)

Jess Gougeon said...

I love how his room is bright, clean, a little vintage, yet a little modern... it's great. :) We want to move our boys into one room, too, and we keep wondering when. I think it won't be until their sleep schedules are in sync- and right now they are NOT since Emmett sleeps A LOT. haha.

Mandy@ a sorta fairytale said...

Thank you so much!! The Wild & Free sign is one of my favorite things in there! :)

Mandy@ a sorta fairytale said...

Thank you!! And you're so right, I think his room matches his personality pretty well!

Mandy@ a sorta fairytale said...

Thanks Jess!!! Yah I really didn't try to match a theme and I'm glad I went that route. That way he'll grow with the room a little longer. And yah, I have no idea when to move the boys into a room together. But I have a feeling we'll wait until they are on similar sleep schedules, like you said. The baby goes to bed a lot earlier and I wouldn't want Bennett waking him up ;-)

Whitney H said...

What a cool room! I love the little touches, especially the dinosaur on the wall. You did such a great job!

Mindi @ Simply Stavish said...

I just love his bedroom. It's so bright and cheerful!! I need to get moving on the playroom in the basement. So many things to do, so little time! :) Right now it's just a mess of toys..nothing on the walls and very boring. If only we had unlimited time and money right?!

krayzid0rk said...

I love the picture if him standing and arms crossed on the desk. He is so stinking cute!

What will you do with Easton's room when he joins Bennett?