06 May 2013

Blogging for You - A new series

As bloggers, we all tend to take a lot of pride in our little corners of the internet, don't we?? It's our space to design, to write in, to brag & boast, as well as to complain and receive advise. But maybe it's also a place you make money? Or perhaps you aren't in it for money and you use your blog as a baby book or journal? Whatever the reason you blog, we all have a commonality. And that is that we love blogging. Or at least we did at one point, right? (because honestly, the love for blogging goes in phases, doesn't it?)

I don't know about you, but as much as I love blogging, sometimes I struggle to find the meaning in all of it. I'm constantly weighing my priorities, always asking the questions "Where does blogging stand in my long list of things to do?" And "Is it worth the time?". Well I recently answered my own question after a lot of thought, and self-examination. And the answer is that if we aren't making our blog and our posts meaningful, then no, it's not worth the time. At least not for me. One thing I have really learned recently, is that our blogs only have as much value as the effort we put in.

So here's the question to ask yourself. What do you want out of blogging?

Before your blog can have any kind of real meaning, you need to know why you're doing it. I've found that the times when I have no direction, are the times that I start to waver and feel like I don't know where I "fit". That's not to say that you need to have a specific nitch for your blog, but I think it's important to understand your meaning, and to know what your ultimate goal is.

For me? The number one reason I blog, is to have one place I can write down all of my thoughts, especially on parenting. It's a really good way for me to reflect back and learn from my mistakes, and from my triumphs. Not to mention my kids will have a place to come and reminisce about their childhood. The second reason, is to make genuine connection with other moms/bloggers. The friendships I've made through my blog are invaluable. The third reason, to maybe make a little bit of money while I'm doing what I love.

Truth is, that I really don't care that much about the third reason I gave you. All the money I made last year through my blog, went into paying for BlissDom. And the reason I went to BlissDom was so that I could become a better blogger, and grow as a person as well. So  really, all the blogging money I made went right back into blogging, and I'm cool with that.

So with all of that said, since the majority of the reason I write here is for ME, I will be starting a new series called Blogging For You. I'm no expert but I feel like I've come a long way in understanding why I blog. So I thought I'd share little tidbits of what I have learned as a blogger over the past couple of years. Hopefully I will touch on some topics that can help you find a little more meaning in what you do.

Lastly, if there are any topics you'd like for me to cover, I will do my best to work them into the series. Don't be shy! :)

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Megan said...

I LOVE this! I think many have lost sight of why they started their blog in the first place. I'm excited to read this series! :)

Britney Snyder said...

Great first post into your series, I am going to be following and reading for sure!

Jodi said...

Great idea for a series! Looking forward to reading.

jen_schoeph said...

looking forward to reading! I love seeing why bloggers write. I know why I do...it's for my kids and our everyday. The everyday happens so quickly and can so easily be forgotten. I want to remember, I want them to see & remember. It also forces me to keep practicing my photography hobby and place these thousands of pictures I have! No need to keep them all locked in my computer, right?!?

Erin said...

Great post and I'm looking forward to the series! I often step back and ask myself why I blog. It's easy to get wrapped up in the blogeshpere and lose sight of the roots of your blog!

Kim Cunningham said...

I'm looking forward to this. I have several reasons I blog, with my main reasons being family documentation and community with other bloggers. I do however, have some goals and dreams. It's hard to marry all of that sometimes. At the end of the day, blogging is a creative outlet that I really enjoy.

Shanley said...

This topic has really been on my mind lately so I am really looking forward to reading as well!

MandeeFoFandee said...

I am really looking forward to this series. I've really struggled with what kind of blog I want to have, and I think it's because I didn't really know WHY I was blogging, or if it was even worth it. but now that I'm a mom, I know why I write, and it gives me so much motivation to publish posts and "journal" my new life. can't wait to read more about this from you!

Anonymous said...

Here, here! ♥