28 June 2013

C Family goes to Idaho!

Happy Friday everyone!! The sun is shining here in the Pacific Northwest, and I'm hoping Summer is officially here!

This morning, Bennett and my Husband were up before the sun to head out on their 12 hour drive down to Utah. Philip already called me once to tell me that he forgot the toiletries and that I will have to ditch all of the liquids and bring the bag with me on the plane this evening. lol. Ah well. I'm sure there's a Walmart down there somewhere ;-) But the good news is that besides a little spilled milk all over the car (yuck!), the drive is going well so far!

Currently, it's 8:30am and my other little sleepy head is still sleeping. I don't even know what to do with myself this morning because usually at this time, I have one or both of my kiddos up and ready to go!

So here I am, blogging in the morning, which never happens. I kinda like it!

Easton and I catch our flight this evening and and the boys will be picking us up at the airport around 9pm. Let's hope they get there by then. Ha ha. And please pray for us that the flight goes well. For some reason, I'm really nervous about flying with Easton. He is at that age where he doesn't want to just sit on my lap anymore! And the flight is right at his bed time so that makes me nervous, too, because he doesn't fall asleep anywhere but his crib. So we'll see! At least it's a short-ish flight!

I don't have any blog posts lined up while we're gone, but you can follow us on Instagram (hashtag: #CFamilyInIdaho) to see what we're up to while in the boonies, I mean, Idaho. ;-)

Hope you all have a good weekend!! And I'll catch up with everyone's blogs next week!

ALSO! Don't forget that Google Reader is disappearing on July 1st!! We've hopped over to Blog Lovin', and love the new reader!! Make sure to follow us there!

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Here's a look at this last week in IG photos.

Rizzmic class, kisses from Bennett, Beach time, Shopping for our trip, Going on walks, and Making cookies! It's been a good week!


Mandey Ejiasi said...

Hoping your flight goes well, lady! Just remember that it's cool if he ends up the screaming kid on the plane. Everyone can just get over themselves. We have just as much right to travel with our kids as anyone else but we always end up feeling guilty for how our kids act. We had one flight delayed on Christmas day, we didn't leave the airport until like, 10pm, and by the time we landed 3 hrs later both boys were screaming. At that moment I learned I'm having a hard enough time entertaining my kid for that amount of time in a small space, everyone can just mind their own business and judge quietly in their heads lol!

I'm sure your flight will go great-have a great trip!

Valerie Scott said...

Have a great trip!

Alex @thesefirststeps said...

Wishing you guys an awesome trip :)

Malanda @ Outnumbered by Little Boys! said...

Have fun!! Hope the flight goes well. :)

Jess Gougeon said...

Hoping all is well in Idaho :) eat some potatoes ;)