25 June 2013

Stitch Fix #3!! Best one yet!

I got my third Stitch Fix and again, they didn't disappoint!

The details (again) in case you didn't see my last post about it and wanna know what it is:

You go to stitchfix.com and you create your style profile. (there's currently a waitlist, but it's not long at all!) Then the Stich Fix stylists hand pick 5 items for you to try on. They send the clothing pieces directly to your house, you try them on and decide what to keep (if anything) and then you send back what you don't want. Easy peasy.
  • There's a $20 styling fee, which you can use toward your order. (that's awesome!!)
  • If you keep all 5 items you receive 25% off your order.
  • You choose your price range
  • The more feedback you give on the pieces sent to you, the better they get over time. So be sure to be very specific to your stylists so that they can send you things you'll love.
I was actually really impressed with the price range of these items. ALL were very affordable and definitely within my budget. Just shows that the Stitch Fix stylists are listening to the feedback I've been giving! :-)

Okay so here is your fashion show, and as always, I apologize for my crappy iPhone pictures and the very dirty mirror. Clearly, I can't be bothered to use a little windex, but you know, priorities. And of course, you can expect some photo-bombing by my boys. ha.

Item #1 - Karmi Peter Pan Collar Dot Print Tank
Item #2 - Jaclynn 3/4 Sleeve Button-up Caridgan
 I tried these two items on together. Gold. Pure gold. I love myself some polka dots and cardigans. I don't even know how many cardigans I own but I'm pretty sure I need this one.

Item #3 - Lulu Sheer Stripe Bejeweled Neck Top
 Totally my style, 100%! Stitch Fix, you nailed it.

Item #4 - Adley Ladybug Print Button Up Tank
At first I wasn't too sure about this top. Ladybugs? Not really my thing. But after trying it on, I actually kinda like it, and the little ladybugs are subtle so I could handle it. I paired it with this mustard cardigan because if I were to actually buy this top, I would most likely layer with it so I wanted to see what it looked like. I think, though, I might pass on this top, because red really isn't my color. I dunno, what do you think??

Item #5 - Sprial Flower Medallion Necklace
At first glance, I thought "Oh man, that is way too gaudy for me" But I decided to try it on anyway... love it!! It takes me a little out of my comfort zone but I think that's a good thing!

(ew, sorry about the creepy face... lol)
Okay so that's that. What did you think about my 3rd Stitch Fix?!

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Jodi said...

Love the first two! Mint = yes!!! Pass on the red top. LOVE the necklace!!

rachel said...

i love it all!!!!! especially love the polka dot top....so cute on you. all of it is cute on you! you're just CUTE, dangit! :)

i'm on the waitlist for stitch fix right now and i am just dying for them to hurry up and put me through.

and your duvet cover is presh! where is it from? love love love it!

Jessica J. said...

I vote yes for the striped shirt and the necklace. Both are adorable on you!

Molly said...

I love it all! I would love to do this but I'm nervous. I am notorious for not trying things on in the store and then they don't fit right. I can imagine it would be tough to get a good fit when you're first starting out.

Kodi said...

Okay this is a great fix. I've been on the fence about trying it because I need "conservative" clothes for work, but every single thing they sent you I could wear to work. I think I'm going to give it a try!

Libby's Life said...

You definitely need that cardigan!! I wish I had it... I love love love it! I am obsessed with mint! And I have almost every single item of clothing that you can except for a cardigan, skirt + dress. I am on the hunt for all three! :)

Becca said...

wow I love all of them! I think they can easily transition into different seasons as well. stylish but wearable for a busy mama!

Amber Gregory said...

The ladybugs look GREAT on you!

The Best of Both Worlds said...

I love everything! I think red looks good on you! Love the necklace!

krayzid0rk said...

Love the cardigan. I would love to see both tops without the cardigans. the red one looks cute but from what I've seen you look really good in pale and pastel colors. I'm half tempted to try stitch fix but I never ever buy clothes for myself. I get major mom guilt lol

krayzid0rk said...

P.s. I love the duvet cover too but was never brave enough to ask haha. that's always in my head as we try to find new bedding lol

Anonymous said...

I really like 1 & 2. And I really don't think you can have too many cardi's. I get a lot of mine at Target in the clearance section :)

I signed up after your last post and I am still waiting to not be on their list.

-- Manda

Katie said...

Love it! I have the same cardigan problem, but that shirt and cardigan combo is everything! Mint is your color, Mama! xx

Amber said...

You look gorgeous in all of it! What did you decide to keep?

P.S. When I signed up for Stitch Fix - I used your referral link. So when I actually decide to take the plunge, I hope you'll get the credit! :)


Whitney said...

I actually really like all of them on you! haha. I totally want to sign up for Stitchfix now!

Lauren @ One Sweet Fairytale said...

1, 2, and 4 were my favorites. and i don't believe in too many cardigans bc they can go over everything, they cover you up if needd, keep the evening or office chill away, and all those other lovely things. cardis in every color!!

Kenzie @ Life According to Kenz said...

I LOVE that polka dotted top + cardign!!!! You wear them well. :) I think it's time to schedule my first fix!

Rachel said...

You got some cute stuff! And I would definitely wear the ladybug shirt! :P It's fun!

Kasey Lynne said...

I think this Stitchfix order is the ONLY one I've seen that someone has absolutely loved their stuff! I've been so hesitant to do it, because I've seen so many negative outcomes for most people. But this post gives me hope!
I LOVE that first combo...I love me some polka dots and a good cardigan too!