26 July 2013

Five on Friday vol. 2

Remember how last week, I was complaining about all of the yard work we needed to do? Well I decided to just hire someone to come in and do everything. Our front yard has been finished. Finally! I wish I had before/after photos, but I forgot to take a before. Basically, we ripped out a big tree that was in front of the porch. Also took out a huge portion of the right half of the yard that was all garden/shrubs/bushes and the like. And then dug out all of the grass, and started completely over by laying down new sod. Hallelujah. Such a relief to get it done.
I'm trying really hard to cut back on soda. I am a huge coke lover and so trust me, this is a big deal. I stopped buying it for the house, so at least now I don't have access to it all day. And I am trying to stop running through the McDonald's drive thru when I'm out and about. But oh man, McDonald's fountain coke is soooo good!! Truth is, I've have been gaining a little weight, and so I figure I'll take baby steps. First try to cut out sugary drinks, and then I will try to switch up the rest of my diet a little bit here and there. We'll see how well I do ;-)

I love Summer, I think it's my favorite season of the year. The boys and I get to be outside, get some Vitamin D (which believe me, Seattleites  NEED it), and everyone just seems happier all around. But I am already thinking about how fun the Fall will be! Pretty red, gold, and green leaves everywhere, chillier boot weather, halloween, and thanksgiving! And then shortly after that is Christmas! But what I need to do is slowwww down and enjoy the warm weather because once the rain hits again, I will be complaining to have the Summer back. lol

I really want a new DSLR. I have my eyeballs on the Canon 6D because I really want a full frame camera and basically it's time to upgrade. Plus, this one has been getting awesome reviews! But do I really want to spend $2000 right now on it? I'm telling you, the overhead of owning your own photography business so expensive!

I really really really want to change my blog name. Truth is I still love the name of my blog, I had a very specific reason for choosing it. But lately, there have been a few reasons that I have kind of been itching to change it (which I won't go into right now!). But I can't seem to pull the triggor. I feel like there is so much work that goes into it -- plus, I worry that people won't recognize my blog if I do?
Also! While we're on the topic of blogging, I have lowered my advertising spots a ton, they are much more affordable now. And anyone who snatches up a spot in the next week or so will get an additional 30% off using code: AWESOME. :)

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Chelsea said...

I'm so in love with your house! It has such good curb appeal-- especially with your new and improved front yard. Ours looks alright, but it could certainly use some work!

That camera seriously looks and sounds amazing! I love mine, but I know that I'll be upgrading in the future. Maybe when I get my big-girl job! And I get first dibs if you're selling your current camera ;)

Chelsea from Sunny with a Chance of Sprinkles

Devon Nicholls said...

I recently cut out soda too!! I like sparkling water. You get the carbonation feeling but no sugar or calories! I LOVE the name of your blog!! I say stick with it!

Valerie Scott said...

I am trying to cut out soda too, I am in love with Dr Pepper right now so its super hard. I cant give up my coffee in the morning so I will try not to drink any soda or as much anyways. Its a process! Even if you do change your blog name I will still follow, things change and there is nothing wrong with that.

Jordan said...

I may currently be drinking a large diet coke from McDonald's! They really do have the BEST fountain drinks!! I've been wanting a new DSLR as well. Just can't justify spending $1500+ right now ...

Megan Peter said...

I rented the Canon 6D for the Chic Retreat and LOVED it. Three months later, and I just pushed the buy button yesterday and it will be here this next week. I can't wait! For me, I have limped along with the 60D for almost three years now and finally have just outgrown the camera and am actually being held back in my business. That's how I knew it was time for an upgrade. No regrets!

Megan Peter said...

Oh, and Adorama has refurbished 6D's on sale for $1600- which is a little more obtainable. Just a head's up!