12 July 2013

Nag Nag Nag.

After you live with someone for a while, or a long while, the little things start to become big things and then before you know it, you're bickering over facial moisturizer and recycling. To be quite honest, I will admit that some things end up being more of a nag, than a valid argument. But then again, I think there is always some validity in our nagging, right?  Right? ;-)

Well I actually started this post like this a few weeks ago, and was going to just blubber on and on about the ups & downs of arguing/bickering/nagging with your spouse. But then saw that Becky just recently wrote a very similar post, and I liked the way she laid it out better so I thought I'd copy her. But not without recognition. She is hilarious and awesome so make sure to hop over there and say hi to her :)

Okay so on we go.

Philip and I have been married for almost 6 years now so I figure it's time to shed a little bit of snarky light onto some of the silly little things we nag each other about. You're welcome. ;-)

Empty Cans of Soda Lying Around.
I'm going to go ahead and say that this is probably the #1 thing that I harp on Philip about. He drinks like 4-5 diet soda's every day and he has this habit of leaving the empty cans sitting around the counter tops and shelves. It drives me nuts, for a number of reasons. The first reason is that I don't want Bennett or the baby getting a hold of a pop can because it's dangerous. That right there should be reason enough. But also, it's just ugly and annoying. I don't like trash laying around the house. Not to mention that our recycle bin is right by the door in the garage, and the garage is 10 steps from both the kitchen and living room. There is pretty much no excuse for him to NOT put those cans in the recycle bin when he's done. But he argues that those 10 steps are "out of his way". Reallllly?

Putting shoes away in the proper storage area.
Nothing drives me battier than when I'm in a hurry to get the kids ready and out the door, and then I can't find one or both of their shoes. Who has time to race around scouring the house for a missing shoe? Not me. I have very little requests when it comes to the kids, because for the most part, I am the one doing their laundry and picking up after them. But my only request is that if my Husband has the kids, that he make sure to put their shoes away in the appropriate baskets so that they are there when I try to find them. Simple.

Putting groceries away still in the plastic bags.
I'm guilty as charged. I have a habit of just tossing things into the fridge or cupboards still in the plastic grocery bags. I don't even know where I picked up this habit, but my husband hates this with such a passion. I have done better about not doing this anymore, but from time to time, I'll here an "UGH" from the kitchen and then I usually receive a small lecture about how annoying it is when I do that. lol.

Sharing my favorite moisturizer.
A while ago, I got a sample of this amazing moisturizer from Birchbox and I loved it so much! I found out after a week or so that I wasn't the only one that loved it! My Husband caught wind of it and started using it daily. Hellooooooo!! That is MY sample. Well I decided to take the high road and give him the sample, and then buy the full-sized bottle for myself. I gave him strict instructions that he wasn't supposed to use my moisturizer, because it wasn't super cheap and I didn't wanna run out quickly. Well, I once my moisturizer arrived, I can't tell you how many silly little arguments we got in over whether or not he could use it. lol. It was pretty comical.

The down comforter on in the Summer time.

Philip can't stand having our down comforter on the bed in the Summer. And if I'm being honest, between the down comforter, our tempurpedic mattress and no a/c in the house -- it can get a teensy bit hot in our bed. He has a really hard time sleeping when his temperature is up, but I don't have a huge problem with it. So every single Summer, he tries to take the comforter off the bed, and I always fight him on it because I like it there. I like that I can change out the duvet cover and frankly, I just like the look of it. It's really a silly argument. But don't worry, I think I solved this problem. I was out the other day and found a super cute comforter on clearance for 70% off so I went ahead and bought it. It's a light weight comforter, so it won't hold in nearly as much heat as our down comforter. Hopefully it's a good compromise. See, I can meet him in the middle.
UPDATE:: I wrote this in the morning and I just showed him the comforter. He hates it and told me to return it. Well... that idea crashed and burned. lol

Even through the nagging and silly little arguments, I sure do love this guy.

But just so I don't feel like the only naggy wife, tell me, what are some of the things that you and your spouse nag each other about!?

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Kate said...

OMG- it would drive me crazy if I found things put away IN the plastic sacks! ;)It's totally something my DH would do. He also tosses the plastic bags on the floor in the pantry rather than just putting them in their home.

I shed hair a lot. And since I am post baby, I shed even more. So my hair in the shower is the most common.

In the winter my husband likes to put an extra blanket on the bed over our down comforter. I hate it. When I make the bed each morning I fold it up and put it in the closet in hopes he'll forget about it but each night he pulls it back out. (And I don't want it even touching my side of the bed!)

Chelsea said...

O-M-G! Don't even get me started on the soda cans. We have the SAME issue in our house and it drives me absolutely insane. What's worse? I put a little recycling bin in our kitchen to make it easier on him so he wouldn't have to open the garage door and put them out there. And where does he put them? By the sink. Literally TWO freaking steps away from the recycling bin I set up. Seriously... nothing drives me crazier.

HIS pet peeve of mine would probably be that I absolutely HATE clutter, so I'm always putting things away and sometimes I don't put them where they belong. I just HAVE to put them somewhere. I don't know how many arguments we've gotten in about misplaced belts, shoes, hats, you name it. But maybe if he put them away in the first place, we wouldn't have that issue, now would we?

Best post I've read in a long time :) Made me laugh so hard! I feel your pain... big time!

StephanieB said...

We should have thought about this stuff and put it in our voes! Haha, I also think everything has its place and clutter is not my friend. Overall.. This is not a hotel and I am not your stay-at-home-maid. There should be a holiday of switching places with your spouses! Fun time :)

... said...
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ADSchill said...

Water glasses all over the living room and computer room, piles of socks under the coffee tables, shaving stuff left out on the sink counter, leaving the yard gates open, and leaving dirty formula bottles to stink without rinsing! ARGH! You know, this is cathartic. I think I am going to write my own! shoot.

Mandey Ejiasi said...

Chikezie doesn't put things away in plastic bags, he just throws everything randomly into neatly organized cupboards. So we have a system now where he takes everything out of bags and puts it on the counter and I put it where it's supposed to go.

I nag him about leaving his clothes and his crap all over the house. I mean, socks and jeans and underwear and anything else he took out of his backpack is in the living room every day (he takes a change of clothes to work because he rides his bike). SERIOUSLY. HAMPER.

He doesn't nag at me for really anything, but gets mad at me when I'm being too bossy. And lets me know haha.

Jamie said...

Haha! Loved this! My husband takes his socks off and throws them IN the shoe basket with the shoes. Hello? It's not a hamper! So, I'm always finding dirty socks in the shoe basket - huge pet peeve.

Adventures with Little man said...

If there is one thing my husband and I are good at its nagging at each other. However, we usually make it a silly banter so actual tension doesn't rise. I nag about soda cans also. I just don't get it. & he always nags on me for hanging the oven mit in front of the oven clock. There are many things but those are just two!

Christene @ MommaBird said...

It would drive me NUTS if things were put away with the plastic grocery bag. (nevermind that those are now banned in my city and you have to pay $0.10 for them) but that would just drive me bonkers. Plus I always face the labels forward and arrange by height. Doesn't everyone? :)

My biggest pet peeve is the hubs leaving empty containers of something in the freezer or fridge. We do not need to keep a cardboard box cold in the fridge, throw it away if you used the last one!

Whitney said...

You guys are such an adorable couple! we definitely have our silly little arguments too. A couple of things that annoy me are the fact that he leaves drawers and cabinets open in the kitchen and bedroom! Just close them!!!! lol

Anonymous said...

Whenever my boyfriend's dad comes over, they always end up putting their beer cans face down in the sink. GROSS. Why can you not just toss them in the trash can that's two feet away? I totally get you on so many of these.

Courtney said...

I love that picture of you two! So good!

My husband always harps on me for leaving toothpaste residue in the sink and for putting drinks back in the fridge that have like, one sip left in them. LOL. He drives me crazy leaving his keys, phone, wallet, hat, and shoes all over the house as he walks in from work. His stuff ends up everywhere!! We also battle over hot vs. cold. I'm cold natured, he's warm...so that's always up for discussion as well. Lol, I'm sure the list could go on and on.

Kiara Buechler said...

Groceries put away IN plastic bags??? I love learning new things about you :-)

Laura Railing said...

Haha the cans. Seriously. All. Over.the. place. Argh. And putting the kids clothes in totally wrong drawers when it's obvious they don't go there!