09 July 2013

Utah/Idaho family trip is a wrap!

Hey hey! We're back!! This little ol' blog has been quiet, huh? If I'm being honest, it was kinda nice to get away from social media for a bit (with the exception of IG and my personal FB page!). But I'm back and have so many things I want to say/write about, I just can't seem to find the time.

Holy moly, this past week or so has been a whirlwind. There really is no good way to wrap up how amazing our trip to Utah & Idaho was, so I'll keep it as short as possible! And I might even break this up into two posts!

We spent the first few days in a small town near Salt Lake City and stayed with one of Philip's sisters. Bennett and Philip drove down there (12 hours!) and Easton and I caught a flight and met them in SLC. Let me just take a quick minute to say how much I dislike Delta Airlines! Our flight was delayed for almost 3 hours!! And the last time I flew Delta a few months ago, the same thing happened. I was not happy. But the good news is that we had the entire row to ourselves on the plane, which helped a TON. Easton was a champ throughout the flight, and wasn't bothered by the pressure change at all. Whew.

Okay so enough about the flight. After a couple of days in Utah, we drove 2 hours to Philip's hometown of Blackfoot, Idaho. My Husband is one of seven siblings and it's not very often that ALL 7 are together, with ALL of their kids. But this last week, almost everyone in Philip's immediate family were together. Philip's parents, his 4 sisters (one of his sisters wasn't there because she was on a cruise, but her kids were there!) and one brother, and all 17 grandkids. Yes, SEVENTEEN! :-) His parents own a good chunk of property out in the country so although there were lots of family/kids around, we had plenty of room to spread out.

At first, both Bennett & Easton were pretty overwhelmed. Between traveling, a new place, and so many new people, they were pretty skeptical. Easton wanted to be with me most of the time and Bennett actually flew solo for the first few days, not wanting to interact with his cousins at all. But as the days went on, they both warmed up and enjoyed themselves to much! It was such a blessing for Bennett and Easton to see their family all together, and especially, meet some Aunts, Uncles & Cousins that they'd never met before.

We spent the week playing and chasing around goats, riding ATV's, swimming, shooting potato guns, lighting off fireworks, staying up late, eating out, sleeping in, and just enjoying family! Oh and Bennett saw his first movie in the theater as well! He went to Monsters University, and he did so well that we also took him to see Despicable Me 2 with his cousins.

On the way home, we all drove back together, and caravanned with one of Philip's Sister's family. The drive, with stops included, was around 15 hours. To my surprise, both boys did AWESOME!! Bennett spent the majority of the time in the car with two of his cousins, and Easton stayed in the car with Philip and I. We hooked up the iPad for him, and for the most part, he was perfectly content. Yahoo!!

I'll be honest, I was really sad to leave. But it was an incredible time! Here's a photo dump of about 4 million pictures.

I already miss everyone so much. Can't wait until we go back next year!
All 17 grandkids on my Husbands side! I love every single one of them. So happy that Bennett & Easton have so many amazing cousins!

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Amber Gregory said...

Wow -- sounds amazing! I think I am the only person of Mormon heritage who is an only child and only has TWO cousins combined on both sides of the family...

Ashlee said...

That's my hometown! My hubby's family all have 10+ kids for each couple. :)