02 August 2013

Easton is 16 months!

I don't regularly do monthly posts anymore, but since we just had Easton's 15 month well child check (a month late, because I'm a procrastinator) I thought it might be time for another dedicatory Easton post.
{compare to 14 months}

16 Month Stats:
Weight: 24.11lbs (60%)
Height: 32.5" (80%)

East had a growth spurt!! If you look back at his 12 month stats, he has exploded on the charts. He's shaping up to be tall and slender, just like his big brother. He's wearing 12-18 month clothing, and we're still cloth diapering about 70% of the time.

This little man is coming into his own. He's still pretty easy to please most of the time, but he's also got a feisty side. It usually rears it's head when he's hungry, or just in the general vicinity of food. He's a teensy bit obsessed with food, and that is putting it mildly. He will eat pretty much anything, anytime. But I'm looking at it like a blessing, because hey, it's one battle I don't have to fight. Also, Easty has 10 teeth now! He cut two of his top molars a few weeks ago, and he's working on 2 more on the bottom. And lemme tell ya, we've all been hearing about it around here. Whiny whiny whiny. I feel bad for the little guy, though. I hope those two bottom molars break through, soon!!

He's been walking now since he was 14 months, and he just took off running when he decided it was time. He doesn't sit still as much as he once did ;-), now always on the go with his big brother. They bicker sometimes, like siblings do, but for the most part -- I'd say they get along great! Easton is actually the instigator when it comes to their squabbles, taking Bennett's toys and hitting and throwing things at him. We're working on sharing, and being soft. And surprisingly, Bennett is showing a lot of patience when Easton bugs him, you can see him refraining from hitting him in return. Hopefully he can continue to show his little brother some patience while he's learning to be gentle and nice.

Easton takes direction very well and understands a lot of what we say to him. He's working on mimicking our words, and usually gets at least the syllables right. He's got such a sweet little voice, I can't wait to hear him start talking more!

This dude still requires lots down time, sleeping from 7:30pm-8:30am and then taking a nap from 12-3pm. Couldn't be happier with how well he sleeps and so thankful he's always been super easy in that department.

I say this every time, but I just couldn't love him any more. He fills my heart up with so much happiness and I really do thank God every single day for blessing us with such an amazing little boy!

And because I like to be real and open, I figured I'd share some of his not-so-happy moments, because those exist, too! :-)

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Amber Gregory said...

He is SO cute! Love!

Chelsea said...

Awww! Little Easty is getting so BIG! You're so lucky that he's such a good sleeper... I hope he keeps that up!

Lauren @ One Sweet Fairytale said...

he sounds like a doll and sometimes the pouty photos can be really funny to look at, even if they aren't as much to listen to

Discovery Street said...

wow...what a good sleeper!! i'm jealous!

Michelle Thomas said...

He's adorable! Those pics at the end are a riot...because I've been there...everyday ;)

Alyssa Birchfield said...

Oh my goodness. He is such a little CUTIE!

Meg O. said...

What a big boy!!!!! Also, gosh I wish Kennedy napped like that! She's at about one 1.5 hour nap. Seems like not enough to me!

Valerie Scott said...

So cute! This is such a fun age.

Anonymous said...

The cry face that babies get is TOO adorable. Hearing them cry is sad, but the face is just too cute. I love it!