14 August 2013

"Feels Like Home" Printable available in 3 colors!

Every so often I like to play around in Photoshop and spend some time being creative. If I end up with something I like, I will print it and put it up on my walls! It's fun to have some of my own work displayed around my home, even if it's not "perfect."

I whipped this up yesterday and am planning to put in either my entry way, or my bedroom. Haven't decided quite yet! But I thought I'd share with you all in case you like it enough to want to hang it in your  house somewhere :-)
(I strongly recommend getting these printed at a professional quality lab, the colors will be represented best through a professional grade printers. I suggest Mpix.com)


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Alyson McMahon said...

So cute! I love this. Thanks for sharing, Mandy.

Erin said...

Oh I love these!! Job well done girl. Pinning them now!

Helene said...

Oh these are gorgeous! love them!